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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

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    The vision of each member of the Lords of the Dead is the same. The vision is-in simple terms-a statement of the ultimate goal that darkness demands from each of it's order. The vision is embodied in the phrase "Order through Chaos". The goal is no less than the total and unquestionable domination of the enemies of LotD.

    Date and Game Founded: 1995 between old NWN and Darksun Online

    Guild Motto: "Killing With Style"


    The Lords of the Dead are of a Lawful Evil alignment. Lawful Evil is defined as

    "Individuals who abide by the laws and rules of the land, but use the laws and rules towards their own ends or attempt to exert their influence to have laws or rules enacted that serve their intrests."


    "The lawful evil individual follows the code of honor of the land, but can also twist the code of honor to the extreme" An example "If I hear cries for help, I must aid a fellow in distress therefore I don't hear cries for help unless it serves my purposes to hear them"

    The definition of lawful evil goes much deeper than that, but those are good examples.

    LotD Ideology

    The LotD guild rules worlds by force, manipulation, or any other means neccessary to achieve the guilds goal. The guild goal is usually to exert a large amount, if not total, influence in the PvP Community and other appropriate sectors of the player population. To this end, we have spies, mules, and informants everywhere.

    LotD has been known to form coalitions of other players, guilds, or allegiances in order to further the guilds intrests. When these types of coalitions are formed, LotD ensures that it places itself in a position to influence the coalition in accordance to guild desires. In these organizations, LotD members or leaders end up taking a prominent role in these coalitions so that the guild intrests can be furthered. This type of coalition is for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of evil in the game or holding other evil organizations in check to keep them from disturbing the game balance.

    Coalitions will also be formed in the event the guild encounters a force that disturbs the normal PvP community evolution, growth, or advancement. It is within LotD's intrests to maintain a balance and a growing PvP community. Any force that disturbs that balance must be eliminated through whatever means neccessary. During those times, LotD will attempt to form a coalition to totally destroy, subjegate, or overwhelm the opposing organization in such a manner that the balance is restored to the PVP community. LotD will do whatever is neccessary to ensure that this type of coalition succeeds in its mission, even if that means relinquishing control to ensure that the coalition will serve its purpose of restoring the game balance.

    So in every game world, LotD has ruled and will continue to rule. Whether its by brute force, intrique, manipulation, or sabatoge is irrelevent. The simple fact is, the guild has and always rule any world it inhabits in one form or another.

    Its all about control.
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