LotD & Jade Empire Alliance #1

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    LotD and the Jade Empire Alliance, which includes the Ming and Bastion Guilds, are the new #1's for our section of North America's Conqueror's Blade game. This game is a lot like the ones we've played in the past where group organization, politics, map, and resource control all collide to create a virtual game of thrones environment. We appreciate our allies, and we look forward to ruling over our new empire together!



    Many veteran LotD members have returned for this game, and we're all having lots of fun. As we travel the map we face attacks from random players, hazards posed by bandits, and the occasional wild animal.


    Valus' war party is plagued by a consistent presence of wild squirrels. He has expertly dodged most of them, and successfully led his war party to fame and fortune as he always does!

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