LotD Keeps Rolling in GW2

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    GW2: Beastgate Wv3 Alliance Founded!

    Lords of the Dead has always taken a proactive approach toward pioneering the organization the PvP'ers in every game we play and has done so again with the announcement of Beastgate Alliance[BGA].

    Working together with other excellent Wv3 guilds such as Empyrean Knights[EK], Knights of the Abyss[KotA], Knock Out[KO], Herfolge Boldklub[HB], and Final Apocalypse[FA], we've founded Blackgate's first official Wv3 specific alliance. For those who want instant action, this ensures that LotD will always have the numbers available to kick ass and take names while fighting alongside our friends.

    Building Upon Success:

    After LotD's server rocketed it's way to #1, the other servers in Tier 1 began scrambling to find guilds to transfer in because they needed superior numbers to combat the guilds we had on Blackgate. Since then, the balance of power has shifted and Blackgate finds itself seeking new ways to get back our #1 ranking. We are confident that the utilization of alliances by the server will once again bring our community out on top.


    Arena's Take Hold:

    Month's after Guild Wars 2 launched, they have finally begun building out their arena's, commonly known to the GW2 community as "SPvP" or "TPvP". With private servers coming soon, guilds have begun ramping up their arena teams for world wide competition. Already player ran tournaments have begun and LotD will need the best of their best to compete. Sanjo has established two new leaders to guide the team to success and Akkuma and Kai are pushing toward that goal. Any Arena minded member is welcome to come apply for the GW2 A team who will be competing in esport tournaments.
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  2. Dogmatic Banned

    Keep up the good work guys!
  3. Jelz New Member

    Regarding tPvP

    How do I apply to be on a tPvP team?
  4. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Regarding tPvP

    Kai and Akkuma are our officers there. Reach out to them or post in the private GW2 boards.
  5. Tabaal Lord

    Herfolge boldklub? That sounds extremely Danish to me lol - basically means Herfølge (a city in Denmark) ball club - as in football club
  6. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    They are a long time MMO Guild that started in Denmark.

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