LotD Leaves Its Mark: Guild Wars 2

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  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    From Northern Shiverpeaks to Eredon Terrace and finally on to Blackgate, Lords of the Dead has left a lasting impression on every server we've landed, helping to take each to the top tier of competition in World v.s World. Our allies throughout this past year have been fantastic to work with and combined with our own members, gave LotD yet another successful chapter in one of the most popular MMO's to launch in the past many years.

    When September 1, 2013 rolls around however, LotD will be closing down our wide scale operations for the time being. Guild Wars 2 has been slow to release meaningful content and improvements to World vs. World as well as persistent PvE content. A combination of the summer season, the launching of new games and our core members' overall loss of interest in GW2, has equated to a decision being made that will close down the main efforts in GW2.

    LotD will keep the lights on however as our competitive SPvP teams will continue their participation in a popular esport league. Akkuma will continue to lead the charge as he takes on a new season in MistLeague and we are all quite excited to watch their continued improvement.

    Again, LotD wishes to extend gracious appreciation to our members, officers, allies, and friends in Guild Wars 2 as we all pushed to be the best!

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  2. Obitrice Warlord

    Awesome job! There were a lot of people who stepped up to lead and support the chapter from beta to now. It was an excellent guild effort. I was especially impressed with all of the great WvW/sPvP videos made for GW2. It's got to be the most PvP footage we've posted up to the guild's youtube channel for any single chapter! Keep up the great work!
  3. BioGyver Member

    Gratz to everyone one involved :)
  4. Mange Lord

    It was a great run. Despite the popular phrase, there is a right time to say good bye though and with the major upcoming releases this the right time. I joined LotD through the GW2 chapter and the WvW events were amazingly organized, I would say we've left our mark on GW2 for the rest of its life time.

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