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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

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  2. Remec Lord

    I just got my Hoodie and Glass from the store. I'm very happy.
  3. Lake Warlord

    Glad it turned out well.
  4. Remec Lord

    One piece of advice for anyone buying from these types of stores. Always buy one size larger than you typically do at a local store. I have found that the sizes are not quite the same. I normally by a boys-small, but i ordered a boys-husky.
  5. I didn't know you were a little person. That must be why @Icesin is so fond of you.
  6. Icesin Lord

    Remey has been hiding things.
  7. Remec Lord

  8. DarkGod Lord

    Is there a way we can get access to XXXL? There is only double XL... I am a big boy need some large clothing. Specifically the white T shirts with the Dark Knight...
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  9. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    I just ordered hoodie, T shirt and mug - ill post a pic once they arrive
  10. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Stein just arrived, its really legit, ill let you know once i get a picture - on antibiotics so cant drink just yet
  11. Hades Lord of the Dead


    When did you order and pay for your stuff? I don't see any transaction history on our paypal, and I just want to see if there is an error on the vendor/bank side.
  12. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    I made the purchase on 5/5 at 4:53PM. The Order #258562935. The total was $99.39. I did have a fraud thing on that same card happen on 5/12 for a shirts.com for $39.98 (same day I was in surgery) so my card company put a hold on it and then issued me a new card. The Receipt I have is not from shirts.com it is from Cafe Press so Im betting these are unrelated.

    I dont think it would be the same thing, but perhaps it was some part of the order happening more than a week later?

    If there is an issue and you need my card info again just go ahead and send me a PM im more than happy to look into it further with you.

  13. Hades Lord of the Dead

    That should help. CafePress may just send the funds over at certain intervals. Thanks for the follow up!
  14. Lake Warlord

    I'll look into it
  15. Lake Warlord

    There's the value white that can go to 4XL http://www.cafepress.com/lotdshop.1596456379
  16. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    I have a few requests about the merchandise that is currently in our store.

    • I would like to see a couple more colors available to buy. I myself am partial to a nice purple. But even an orange, burgundy would do. But the purple for me... I NEED. <--- THIS COLOR PLZ
      Please make this possible @Lake . I also know that the colors I am suggesting is not guild colors per se. However making more colors available that people like would make them more inclined to buy merch and thus improving sales.

    • A stencil and/or a Sticker/vinyl sticker is a suggestion from @Hobofett (he's listed as New Member but should be Inactive Chapter member in BDO)
    • If a lanyard is possible and I don't mean one of those cheap snap ones.. But a good quality one that YOU yourself would use... That might be a possibility as well.
    • Also seeing how many different members are popping babies how about making bibs for babies with the LOTD logo on it? :p (BABY ONESIES) Imagine all the pictures you could have had @Morals & @Minimorals
    • And hey what about custom flasks for people like @Dochan and @MarleyTheMoose ? Not trying to single people out. Just throwing suggestions.
    If any of these suggestions intrigues you, Lake. Maybe we can talk product design sometime. My schedule's pretty wonky at the moment but pms can work.
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  17. Hades Lord of the Dead


    Lake is the man to see about store items. Good suggestions though.
  18. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Haha yeah, that's why I tagged him first. I wanted to keep these suggestions open in case someone else has some ideas to add.
  19. Lake Warlord

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