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    LotD has rolled over on the Dark Crag ORVR server on the Destruction side. After leading Law and Order to an utter domination of the opposing realm on Azazel, we decided that Dark Crag provides us with the best PVP challenge for the next year.

    As of this writing LotD has members in Tiers 2, 3, and 4 with most of the members starting to move into Tier 3. We expect to have half the membership in Tier 4 by this time next week, and 90% of the membership in Tier 4 within two weeks. Dark Crag is as close to FFA PVP that you can get in a Mythic game, and should certainly provide lots of action until our next big MMO.

    Currently the guild is rank 12 and progressing very fast. We expect our guild rank to progress faster on Dark Crag than it did on Azazel simply due to all the end game PVP that happens on this server. LotD will begin exploring alliance options once it reaches Tier 4, and any guild that wants to talk to us should do so in our Warhammer Guild Relations forum.

    LotD Order Guild Status

    Azazel was recently offered transfers to the Volkmar, Magnus, and Gorfang servers. However two of those servers are absolutely dead during off peak times, and Volkmar already has a 1.7 Order to 1 Destro ratio on Tier 4. LotD will transfer our guild off of Azazel to Volkmar, but we will not actively game on that server. Instead we will idle our Order chapter until such a time as Mythic opens up paid transfers where people and guilds can pick where they want to go. Then we will work with others to try to create 1 awesome server with lots of quality guilds, and duke it out once and for all.
    We are proud of our accomplishments on the Order side. We achieved guild rank 28, which lead the server, and over 115 million renown. At the time we idled the Order chapter we were in the top 10 for both guild rank and renown earned compared to 20,000 other listed guilds. So we have nothing but pride on how our Order side performed, and we will pick it up again at a later date.

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