LotD Owns Mediah

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    LotD Owns Mediah Castle!
    The BDO Chapter has been a driving force in all major battles on our server Orwen. We were the first guild to capture Heidel and the first guild to siege a castle in Calpheon. We have done many firsts in BDO and have accomplished much with our dedicated membership along the way.


    LotD has been responsible for liberating two areas against two of the top guilds on our server in both Mediah and Calpheon. Also, we managed to capture Mediah Castle with a well fought and deserved victory for LotD.


    Thanks to the leadership and support from everyone, we have used three elephants in all major battles and they were directly involved in liberating and capturing a Castle for LotD.

    Congratulations to the entire BDO Chapter! We have come a long way since we started and gathered membership we are excited to have in our LotD community. Success is only possible due to the committed membership and strong leaders that have devoted their time into ensuring a positive outcome. We are excited to continue our BDO path and ask everyone throw on their war paint because it's game time!

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    @BDO Leadership
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    I see LoTD is still kickin' ass!!!
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    Awesome to see this since I was pulled away from the game. One day I'll have time to dedicate to a game. Congrats to all!
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