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Discussion in 'Competitive Smite Teams' started by KillYouBack, May 25, 2014.

  1. KillYouBack New Member

    So I know i am new to the guild but I am taking initiative and want to start entering tournaments with a well formed team. As of right now I have the following for possible players:

    ADC: ShinSpitfire, Sandslasher241, G33K3R, StayHigh
    Support: ShinSpitfire, EqualToHeaven, Hexic
    Mid: ShinSpitfire, Sandslasher241, G33K3R, StayHigh, Hexic
    Jungle: G33K3R, StayHigh, Hexic, Deltawhite, Darkness
    Solo: KillYouBack, G33K3R

    I know that i am only listing lvl 30's right now for the team as i want vet's of the game to form the team. As we grow as a community we will hopefully have some room for another team to form. Since i have only played with few people of this list I am looking at possibly putting up this team as follows:

    ADC: StayHigh
    Support: RyutheRed
    Mid: Hexic
    Jungle: RattPack
    Solo: KillYouBack

    As I have not played atlot with G33K3R, EqualToHeaven, DeltaWhite, ShinSpitfire, Sandslasher241, Darkness yet i can put them as subs or they can fight for there position as I play with more people.

    I can set up practice for the team since most seems to be free at 10pm -1am each day EST that is we can set the practice then. We will do a hour and a half break for 20 mins then practice again for another hour. This should help with getting to know everybody's playstyle as well as getting to know everybody better.

    If anybody else wishes to compete for a spot please message me on here or in-game as I am usually on for a while.
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  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Initiative is good. PM the other level 30's and try to get them to check out the thread here. I would love for us to have pro 3 and 5 mans at some point, but let's build with the best people we have for the best mode where the pro team can be competitive.
  3. KillYouBack New Member

    I am focusing on the 5-man Conquest competitive team. If there is another person to head up the 3-man joust pro team that would be awesome.
  4. Sandslasher241 New Member

    I guess I will be a sub :(
  5. Lake Warlord

    Making a pro team takes dedication, hard work, and thick skin. Each player has to be able to take constructive criticism or the team will never improve. Also, keep in mind you want to build a team with people with great micro mechanics because teaching someone the game is some hat can be taught. Good luck in developing a team.
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  6. AceBoogie New Member

  7. KillYouBack New Member

    Thanks for the advice Lake. I will continue to edit this post based on the performance of players that i see and that the clan grows with more people.
  8. Sandslasher241 New Member

    I appreciate the advice also just as much as I am sure that everyone else does. I really do look forward to playing with everyone and hope that we can go far.
  9. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Yep you guys have been practicing a good bit. In order to recruit primary and secondary teams help me keep the LotD info current over on the Reddit LFM pages.
  10. Sandslasher241 New Member

    I had a thought. We should look for community/casual tournaments to get our feet wet in the competitive field.
  11. KillYouBack New Member

    Without a solid time for practice or a solid team yet we need to first get that straightened out an as i head back to the states i will continue to look for tournaments to get our feet wet.
  12. Lake Warlord

    I am not a Smite players but I have experience with MOBA teams. Currently I run the number 2 NA team in Strife, 3rd Internationally. I would be willing to help you develop and run a team if you need. Just let me know
  13. Sandslasher241 New Member

    We would appreciate any help and support that we could get. Just what does that entail exactly.
  14. Mange Lord

    It'll take a lot more than just having knowledge of how to develop a team at the moment, you guys are def in the infant phases of competitive play. The fact that we went from getting skunked by a team to dropping a load on them next game shows how huge the inconsistency is at the moment. All this against a random team that really wasn't good in the first place, what everyone needs to do IMO is find their strong character and ride with it for a while. We seem to have a habit of picking things just because it's OP and open and while that might fly in tournament play one important part is actually being good and experienced with the character. The meta will rotate, find the character you are most effective with in the role you want to play and use it as much as possible.

    You've seen my AMC build is nothing like what you'd normally see on an ADC but it's probably more effective than any other AMC, I feel like everyone needs a character they can do something similar with because when you play outside of the meta and do it effectively all the players bound to it tend to be thrown for a loop and that is an advantage. I don't play in tournaments but my account is as old as any of the main tournament players you see nowadays, I've played quite a few games against Lassiz and Jerbie just solo queue and many other tournament players and I can help you learn what you need to get to their levels. I haven't ever attempted to get serious with a Conq team until now but for the last year I have been playing with friends that have turned into top arena players, they would be a good team to scrimmage against since they'll give advice and they aren't tournament level conq players just above average.

    With that said I am creating a smurf for the first time in SMITE just so we don't get over matched as we have a couple times already.

    TL;DR - A lot more learning is needed before entering a tournament, right now we'd be lucky to get past the first bracket. Creating a smurf for fairer match ups and we have good teams we can scrim against, let them be our first obstacle to overcome before we bring up tournaments.
  15. Lake Warlord

    It takes all members being mechanically sound, so practicing vs each other in lane really helps. Understanding the map and the best plays to be made without wasting time / stalling, this takes the team to watch replays of their matches and figure out what or when someone should have done something or been somewhere. Finding and building champion/hero pools that they are extremely proficient on and building team comps based on those picks. Time and thick skin!!!!
  16. RattPack New Member

    As of right now, me and Hexic have been talking. And we are just waiting for people to be situated. We have an idea of how we would like to do practices and when, but we are just waiting to see what KillYouBack's schedule will look like when he gets back to the states. Then we can get underway with figuring out practices and all that other good stuff.
  17. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Ok man, that sounds great. If we need to attract some additional competitive players, post on Reddit or whichever community site you think is best and refer folks to us. My last grad class started this week so I haven't been around as much, but I'll be on over the weekend.
  18. KillYouBack New Member

    I'll be in Romania on the 9th. I should be in the states 48-72 hours after that so i need to get situated in the barracks there so give me like a week and a half and i'll be ready with good internet and a place to stay lol. Looking forward to a good start to a great team.

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