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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    The health and activity of a guild in Rift is more than just "Bosses Downed" lists, and ZAM has created a good database for server, guild, and individual rankings based on several different in game activities. The Deepstrike server is 7th overall out of 100 Rift servers in the rankings for Firsts and 2nd overall on Achievements. So the ZAM rankings are a good way to measure normal guild progression because eventually everyone will have 5/5 Greenscale down.

    Now Rift could just get its act together for PVP content such as rankings, incentives, and some open world content we'd be in MMO heaven.





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  2. Ozzone Lord

    LoD is ranked 33rd. :D

    <table class="datatable right autostripe center-th"><tbody><tr><td class="c">33[​IMG]</td> <td class="nobr" style="text-align: left ! important;">Lords Of Death</td> <td class="filter-links c">Deepstrike (US)</td> <td style="padding-left: 16px;"> </td> <td class="no-left-border">5 W</td> <td class="no-left-border">100 S</td> <td class="no-left-border">1 A</td> <td class="no-left-border">11 N</td> <td class="no-left-border">83 I</td> <td class="no-left-border">2 Q</td> <td class="no-left-border">2 R</td> <td class="no-left-border">1 C</td> <td class="no-left-border" style="padding-right: 28px;">
    Yes they suck that bad.
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    considering the amount of hits we get I'd remove the ads on the first two screenshots
  4. fiasco126 Guest

    Trion will get the PvP focused content ingame with 1.4.

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