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    The 2015-2016 time period marks the 20 year anniversary of the Lords of the Dead (LotD). The Guild History page will get its update to reflect our time in Archeage, and our Wildstar chapter is still going strong. I will provide everyone with a brief update on our current activities, and close the article with a preview of what we expect in 2016.

    New Voice Server!!

    LotD has migrated to Gamevox for our voice server needs. You can download the Gamevox client HERE. Once you have it, you can find the LotD voice server info by clicking on THIS link!

    Current Guild Games & Time Killers


    Greetings from WildStar! I'm happy to report that the chapter is still going strong, with an active presence on both the PvP and PvE sides of the game. Our raiding program is ranked 10th in the world with a loyal and dedicated roster, and LotD remains a leading force in PvP, tearing up the battlegrounds and arenas on a daily basis. WildStar has recently seen a sweeping update to the game along with the launch of Free to Play. There's been a total revamp of the stats and rune systems, along with significant changes to many classes and roles. There has never been a better time to experience WildStar's exciting combat style and quirky personality. With the game opening up free to play access, the lower level zones and PvP brackets are very active. Whether you're new to the game or a former player curious about recent changes, we'd love to see you. We're currently based on Entity, the North American PvE megaserver, playing for the Exile faction.

    Want to play Wildstar with LotD? APPLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Several of us, myself included, are playing the Smite MOBA to pass the time until we get into Crowfall or Camelot Unchained closed testing. Smite has team play, and its combat is pretty close to what you find in our PVP MMO games. It requires strategy, a balanced team, and coordination. We created the "Order of the Crownjaw" guild while we play Smite so we can all have fun together.

    Calebreth developed an updated SMITE TUTORIAL for those who want to play.

    We have also developed a SMITE USERNAME LIST if you join, and want to find any of us.


    We also have a lot of members playing Ark; Survival Evolved on Steam. If you are into FPS type fast paced action then check out this game, and spend some time hanging out with LotD members. If you are planning to play this game, let us know in our ARK public forum!

    Flavor of the Month Games

    There are other games that our members play while we are between major games so I'll just ask you to keep an eye out on our General Gaming Discussion forums to see if we're playing anything that strikes your fancy.

    Alpha/Beta Crew

    If you are an LotD member in good standing, Chapter Member rank or above, who has time to help us with our alpha/beta testing opportunities, please contact Valor on the LotD forums. It is a good way to stay involved with LotD when you aren't involved with a gaming chapter, help us test new stuff, and meet new guild members.

    2016 LotD Games


    Stay up to date with LotD's Public Crowfall Forum!

    Crowfall's "Pre Alpha" Summer Combat Milestone 1 just wrapped up last weekend. The testing environment wrapper, called the Hunger Dome, was a minigame where 3-man teams compete to be the last to survive in an ever-shrinking battlefield centered on a large keep. While this arena game mode will not be representative of the final open world castle-building and sieging game play, it was an effective way to bring a competitive element to very early combat testing. The world is nicely modeled and is attractive even in the "grey box" state. It almost looks like a heavy snow has fallen (Winter is coming!) as the Hunger closes in. And with only 20 weeks of development time represented, it was pretty darn fun!

    For many of us it all comes down to the feel of combat, and right now the promise is definitely there. The big hurdle is currently movement as it is a server-side movement situation (you don't move until the message goes from client to server and back to client) meaning responsiveness suffers. At times it feels more like driving a boat than a MMO character. Fortunately, ACE had identified this as a problem prior to the start of combat and are working on a client-side solution. All the tools are there to be a true skill-based combat system including realistic physics, character collision detection and cursor aimed abilities; and Friendly Fire is not yet toggled in game which will push it even further. Feedback by testers is overwhelmingly positive so far, even so early in development. Valor got some official airtime with his "Player testimonial" video - you can check it out here.

    Up next - In the immediate future (approximately 4 weeks) Milestone 1.1 will be in the same Hunger Dome environment and will include a new archetype, the Champion. We assume there will be other improvements including the client-side movement system which is in development but was not ready to include in 1.0. Then after that Milestone 2.0 will follow, discarding the Hunger Dome and providing a larger team format setting. Also included will be the archetype Ranger. Rampant speculation by testers is currently focused around a team mock siege scenario... with maybe the debut of destructible Voxels?!

    There is going to be an increasing volume of buzz around Crowfall heading into next year, and ACE appears to have both the vision and expertise to not screw this one up. All signs are looking good -Stay tuned!


    Keep up with LotD's Camelot Unchained Public Forums!!

    We are going to keep an eye on Camelot Unchained, and we will keep evaluating it to see if it will become an official LotD Chapter. Unlike other games, Camelot Unchained currently has a very strict Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) so useful information about the game is hard to gather. We have played games developed by Mark Jacobs before, DAOC and Warhammer, and he does RVR games very well. The question will be whether or not he develops Camelot Unchained to an extent where we don't feel like we're playing DAOC or Warhammer all over again.

    Concluding Thoughts

    LotD guild activity will pick up as we move closer to Crowfall and Camelot launch dates, and we're playing these other games to help fill the time between those launches. We invite all of our members to stay in touch with us, and to play games officially and unofficially with us. The MMORPG gaming menu isn't what it was 10 years ago, but we still have good titles that come out enough to keep LotD moving into the future.

    @Wildstar Chapter
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