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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Trial, May 13, 2015.

  1. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    IMG_0604.JPG This is me.

    dont mind the rye smile - I had my wisdom teeth out this morning!
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  2. Lake Warlord

    Do you mind if I use this on social media? How did the quality turn out?
  3. Deziel Member

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  4. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    its fantastic, super nice and comfy. Im in full on recovery mode and havent even taken it off haha.

    Could not have arrived at a better day.

    yes you can use it if you want, i can post again when im not looking all post op but i dont really care either way.
  5. Cedwyn Banned

    LotD G-String under those shorts?
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  6. Deziel Member

    For sure mate
  7. Glyph Forum Failure

  8. Deziel Member

    nahh.. this is Hypnotic
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  9. Glyph Forum Failure

    Double hypnotic! God damn Greek god.
  10. Deziel Member

    [​IMG] ConfĂ©rence time tomorow! good night
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  11. Glisseal Lord

    Yea......I'm thinking we need to hide this thread.
  12. Deziel Member

  13. Deziel Member

    Ah common.. just post yours.. be proud.. dont see me as a threat..
    If you need tips on anything.. I'm there or else Ill just shut up and walk the road with ya ;)
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  14. Glisseal Lord

    I'll find a pic that's about your age of me.....something like 20 years ago.......minus the steel bar in my arm, 2 hand operations, 1 shoulder and hip operation......with another in the future. All this from working on the line at Ford.
  15. Glisseal Lord

    On 2nd thought...no way. I'm too dam homophobic to put my pic on this post.
  16. Deziel Member

    You post what you wish friend. You've been working hard, I respect that. I've also done work inside workshop to pay for my study for 7 years... I know these jobs are heavy on the body so I bare with you. I had terrible back problem and sciatics nervs problems because of theses jobs. And I know how the boss look at you when you begin to have these problems... I went to chiropractor for the bones... and then I began training to keep the bones where they are.
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  17. Deziel Member

    I'm purely heterosexual... but I don't have problems with homosexual as long as they don't flirt me too much. You make it clear and they can be good friends as anyone else.
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  18. Cedwyn Banned

    Looking forward to flirting, touching/stroking Deziel when he comes to Toronto.
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  19. Glyph Forum Failure

    I wasn't going to be the first to say it.
  20. Guilford Warlord

    No Homo?

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