LotD SWTOR Chapter Update

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    LotD-SWTOR Is Recruiting All Classes / All Levels - Apply Here!!

    LotD-SWTOR is focused on 8 man PVE Raiding and 8 man PVP Premade Teams (when patched in the game). We run weekly PVP practice events, and multiple Raid Operations for our members.

    There will be a chapter meeting in ventrilo on May 18th at 9 PM EST to discuss our new raiding and PVP schedules, member development, and our focus for the next 60 days.

    The new chapter leadership is:

    Hades - Chapter GM
    Thorizdin - Chapter AGM
    Perseus - Chapter AGM
    Obitrice - Chapter AGM
    Ist - PVE Department Lead
    Dogmatic - PVP Department Lead
    El Topo - Recruitment

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