LotD Testing Objectives (Updated for Big World, Oct 2016)

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  1. Ren Elder

    *Roll Chaos.*

    Below is OUTDATED, pending update...


    As we get more fresh faces into the testing, here are some recommendations for organization and focus :

    1) "Play" versus "Test." This next test cycle will be more about testing big new systems (world generation, harvesting, crafting, etc) than a refined game play experience with a wrapper such as Hunger Dome or Siege Perilous. If you are more interested in a finished game experience, wait for later testing phases. Temper expectations and hope to be surprised to find some competitive gameplay along the way.

    2) Be in voice comms. Currently we are using the LotD Discord server for testing.

    3) Form groups. Game mode will be set to "No Faction" and "No Friendly Fire" for groups. There is no guild structure in game yet. Full loot is enables - you will respawn NAKED so obviously working as a group will improve your survival chances as well as increased odds of someone around to recover gear from corpses.

    4) Harvesting. Resource management will be a vital part of a winning game strategy. Get used to how resources are collected. Everyone will have a role in the future (or our castles won't get built!)

    5) Crafting. There will be temporary crafting skill pots available therefore a very wide and deep crafting system will be available for testing. Experimentation and min/max will be rewarded. Crafting will be a time intensive activity and require a dedicated character or account come release, so there will be a lot to figure out, digest, and strategize.

    6) No Combat Logging! It is lame and makes people look bad.

    7) No Exploiting, taking advantage of bugs, etc. Play it like it's real. The Dev team has enough to do without chasing down people who are obstructing testing activities or skewing data.

    8) Name-LotD. If you have been a full chapter member in at least one official LotD effort, please show your support for the guild through your name. (Thats little "o", little "t".) We already have a rep for being scrappy with our limited numbers in early testing, and showing good sportsmanship.

    And have fun!
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  2. Lake Warlord

    Individually I think it's important to work on basic mechanics that once we all group together we can build upon. Things that can move you ahead of the competition are landing skill shots, using iFrame abilities at proper times to avoid large spikes of dmg from combos or important CC, blocking, constantly moving between autos and combo abilities to make yourself harder to hit, and positioning as frontline/ranged. I think it may be useful to put together a well formulated list for people first joining to be aware of and work towards as they learn the game. It's important to test the limits so we can share those experiences with others. :D
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  3. PaleOne Tan IRL

    Anyone know what stats are best for Legionnaires? I know the two handed staff and polespear but I have no idea on the armour.
  4. Ren Elder

    All Archetype starting stats are found on the website - Legio stats are Str followed by Dex, same as Champ and Knight. Confessor is Int and Dex.
  5. Piikaa Warlord

    Ren, now that we are moving to the next phase, let's make sure to try and focus on testing as a group.
  6. Ren Elder

    I had heard a warning from JTC and it was confirmed in the Q&A that there will not be as much "playtesting" as opposed to "testing." We can certainly hang out in our Discord voice channel and see what makes sense moving forward.
  7. Ren Elder

    Updated for Big World test phase which will start rolling out invites last week in October.
  8. PaleOne Tan IRL

    Testing objective 1

    Determine whether harvesting and crafting is more efficient than roaming gank squads looting harvesters and crafters :)
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  9. Iseng Warlord

  10. Glyph Forum Failure

    Get off my legion :p
    Jokeinggg pale <3
  11. PaleOne Tan IRL

    Don't worry Glyph,

    I have a real computer now, I usually play ranger PEW PEW PEW
  12. Ren Elder

    Updated! Please take a look before heading into the test tomorrow (especially item #8!).
  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    We will have to pass off items from our current character if we you want us to remake with that name.
  14. Ren Elder

    Yup, or start fresh, and use TestDuelist1 when you go on solo gank rages. The skill training is all immediatly sharable between multiple archetypes of the same kind, so its really only some tools and a weapon.
  15. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

  16. Ren Elder

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  17. PaleOne Tan IRL

    Do we have a server choice preference? it seems we are spread out.

    Im on US EAST
  18. Ren Elder

    East is where most of us have been playing. If it is full, feel free to tinker around elsewhere as needed.
  19. Ren Elder

    Expect an update on testing objectives soon when the functional campaign and/or 5.3 is dropped. For now, know that we have been rolling CHAOS.
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