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    Over the past 6 months to a year, Lords of the Dead has seen two chapters sustain themselves throughout games which introduced unique and challenging circumstances. While it was the vision of @Ren and @Sanjo that established amazingly successful chapters, the leadership teams they built to support our members are what we would like to highlight today.

    From WildStar's New GM: @Istarien

    @qberto has been in leadership from the very beginning. He joined the guild during FFXIV. He was initially my pick for senior PvE officer and did very well there. He voluntarily took over as Personnel officer, and we all know how thankless a job that is. He is also my pick to step in as AGM when I take the GM spot, and he'll be overseeing PvE.

    @Tsunamic was a more recent addition, but he quickly climbed the ladder from Assist to Senior PvP officer to AGM, and he's been the driving force on our server for PvP. He's done a lot of out-of-game diplomacy and coordination with the other faction to try to keep some semblance of cross-faction PvP going despite the system's shortcomings.

    **Edit** Both Qberto and Tsunamic recently applied to join the LotD core after going above and beyond what is expected out of our chapter members, and both have been approved as new Lords.

    From ArcheAge's New AGM's: @Dogmatic, @hybrd

    @MarleyTheMoose is stepping up as full time PvP lead, with assistants @Devilman, @Falconwing, and @Stevobacking him up. They have done and continue to do an excellent job in this regard, as LotD is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields of Ollo. Between pirating and open world PvP, Lords of the Dead continues to smack people around and show dominance on the battlefield!

    @Gedwyn has done a terrific job keeping out rosters bolstered with the help of his assistants @Shaylynne, @Rhia, @Piikaa, @Philoctetes and @Sinic. We have been able to maintain and strengthen our roster at a time where most guilds are falling apart due to our team making sure that each person is the right fit for LotD.

    @Dochan has been able to get our commerce department turn around in the short time that he has had lead with the help of @Devilman and @Zsarina. Our commerce team has pulled through and we made a large push for siege cannons with have made pirating so much fun. They are going to shift focus back to filling the guild coffers as well as providing need resources for our crafters and the designs we need in the future.

    From the Ruling Council of the Lords of the Dead (RCoD), the senior leadership from your chapter, and the members you've served: Thank you!

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    “Organization doesn’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don’t much matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds.”

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    Yes, good job to folks in both chapters. You're doing the guild name justice with your continued perseverance and success. Keep it up :)
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    I personally like @Stevobacking (It's @Stevo ) haha
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    Thanks! My paycheck is in the mail yeah? :D
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    I am the backing.
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    Excellent work guys. Both chapters are still going strong....very proud of you guys. Your work is greatly appreciated by everyone.
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    thanx for all your hard work

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