LotD Will Remain on Helm of Graush

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    Helm of Graush Server Coordination Thread-SWTOR Forums

    Helm of Graush Facebook Page

    After careful consideration and discussion with friends and our internal leadership, LotD has opted to remain on the server assigned by Bioware. Our server is almost completely balanced, and we know from past games that a server with a good faction balance is an optimal choice. We hope that our friends and enemies will stay on the Helm of Graush Server, but we will not be moving at this time. We have 1800 Empire and 1700 Republic members froma assigned guilds, and we'd love to see more republic come to our server.

    In the past LotD has participated in, led, or helped to coordinate a lot of guilds to go to various servers, but crushing queues always followed. Bioware has attempted to balance all the servers based on faction choices by guilds that registered with their guild program, and any guild that desires to move has the potential to throw their new server choice into a severe faction imbalance as well as endure horrible queues.

    We will not waste our early access sitting in queues, and I would like to remind all of our friends that SWTOR, counting digital sales, is set to have over 2 million people entering the game in the next 10 days. Think about that before moving.
  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    This is working now. I had to fix the server coordination link.
  3. El Topo Lord

    Here some Helm of Graush server slogans I came up with for PR:

    -Play to Graush
    -Join Force Graush
    -Helm of Graush, the server that will merge them all
    -When server mergers happen, u will be Graushed
    -Join Helm of Graush to find balance in the force
    -Side with Graush for balance in the force
    -Choose server Graush for longterm balance in the force
    -Choose server Graush because Bioware used the force with this one
    -Helm of Graush, competitive server of choice
  4. Supe987 Crowfall Tester

    How is the times for login?

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