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  1. El Topo Lord

    History of the Past Week
    As of tomorrow we will have played ARK for one week, and while it has been a enjoyable experience, it also has been a buggy one. However for an Early Access game it has been pretty solid overall despite the horrendous launch day. The current core problems of the game seems to be related to bad system performance due to the lack of optimization. A lot of our members have had to play on lower settings, because the game simply wasn't ready to deal with the multiple system setups people are working with. Transferring your character from one server to another is also a bit buggy atm. There is also the problem of our current server host maybe not be on par with the competition in terms of performance, which I'll go into a little bit deeper down below.

    Other than that there seems to be a lot to do in the game for those that are interested. A lot of the core features seem to be working as intended. There is a lot to sink your teeth into here, if your interested. While the end game mechanics haven't been tested yet, its very likely that they work from watching streams of more advanced players. No Auto Turrets yet, but we are getting there. While I can't recommend the game due to its alpha state, I will say that its fun to play. The devs are very active with updates. The game has huge potential moving forward. The game is currently on Steam for sale at 17% off. This is probable one of the few chances u have to play with a large group of members before interest dies off, and members have moved onto other games. This is much more a group oriented game than most other survival games.

    Server Status

    Currently we are hosting a 100 player ARK server with Survival Servers, and the past week has been a bit rough. Partially because the devs didn't release server documentation on EA day one, so server hosts have had a limited time to get everything setup. Survival Servers seemed to be a bit slow to get this done compared to the competition, but I'll let them off the hook because all hosts had a shitty first day.

    The main issues with Survival Servers right now is the 20min rollbacks when a server auto restarts or crashes. It has left a lot of our members frustrated because it could mean a loss of time or a loss of a pet. There is a manual solution to this problem, but Cale tested it and it doesn't seem to be working. It falls on Survival Servers to fix this problem, and the ARK devs for making the game save server data every 20mins rather than every 5mins. Hopefully one or the other will fix the problem.

    The second problem is the server rubberbanding that starts after the server has been up for only a few hours. It becomes really annoying. To address rubberbanding the first issue needs to be solved. It might also be that the servers aren't up to par, or our server is being throttled. Either way I'm looking to change server hosts because of this issue.

    If you guys have any other problems with the servers let me know, and I'll write a support ticket tomorrow with the gathered feedback. Take note that changing servers might mean u have to reroll a character from level 1, so let me know how u feel about that.

    Moving Forward
    If we can get our server problems fixed by Survival Servers or switching hosts, I'd like to start advertising the server to get more competition. I'd be willing to pay for a new website and voice chat hosting for our server, however it might take a bit of time to setup. I'd also like to get more guilds on our server, which would mean server rules will have to be discussed. Let me know what u guys think.
  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

  3. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Xeon 1271 CPU
    32 GB DDR3 1600
    120 GB Intel DC3700 SSD (OS)
    1TB Samsung 850 PRO SSD (game servers)
    1Gbit Port (30TB outgoing bandwidth)

    For ~100 players, you're looking at approximately 4 GB RAM per game instance, about 20 GB storage (since we don't do a separate content build for the dedi server it has all the client content unnecessarily included, at least for now), and the CPU speed is sufficient but you can expect 1 core to be fully utilized 100% by the game thread, with another core approximately 30% utilized (physics and networking and async I/O).
  4. El Topo Lord

    I don't know what all that means, but if u think its good I'm with u. How much does it cost, and can it handle hosting a website and voice chat server?
  5. Argonic Lord

    Switching hosts wipes server or no?

    Personally don't care either way
  6. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Sorry that was quoting other sources, no idea about cost. I can look into it.
  7. Valus Administrator

    How many players are we talking for voice? Not sure what the cap is on the current lotd server but we're not close to it im certian for now.
  8. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

  9. Valus Administrator

    You guys can use our server for now. If you're maxing out at 50+ then we can reevaluate, but in my experience the bursts dont last long.
  10. El Topo Lord

    Cool, while the server is 100 players I doubt more than 50+ players will join us. Its more of an administrative thing, and a selling point.
  11. Valus Administrator

    ya pull em to the fold. Like i said if it becomes a problem we can reevaluate.
  12. So just from my past experiences with Server Population and what I'm seeing now with our current server, I will say that our server is already dead. The group who moved bases hasn't logged into our server for 3 days now other than 2-3 people. The only ones who are still playing are the ATS guys, Perls and his friends, and about 6 of us. Capping our server at 16 during prime time. If you do not get a population in the first week people will not ever come to your server. NA community 1 is not a great name either to get people to come and play. People who rushed to 60 are already "done" playing and are bored. And the others who again "moved bases" are playing elsewhere. For me at least, I will be leveling up my pets to upload them and go PvP. I know Jbigg and Devilman are down as well.
  13. Valus Administrator

    Sounds like the RUST problem with me. What you guys need is Gotham City
  14. Today's update enabled modding, if there is a great mod that comes out that is pretty much the only way that you can ressurect the server.
  15. El Topo Lord

    I'm down for whatever u guys want. I can buy a new server, if it comes down to that. However I'd like to see if this one is promotable first. I'm working on something right now. The cool thing about Ark is u can move servers with your current characters data.
  16. Someone said that the Lod/Sin/KC guys have no pop either, should get those guys to come over and play and just open up the pvp.
  17. El Topo Lord

    Server Rules
    1. No raiding bases between midnight and 5pm EST the next day. People need to sleep and work.
    a)Raids can still happen past midnight if the defending clan agrees to the late raid.
    b)Raids can still happen if a clan has more than 3 members online past midnight. However the attacking clan must not have more than double the defenders numbers.

    2. No hacking, exploiting, duping, or repeated griefing.
    a)No hacking is self explanatory.
    b)No exploiting game mechanics that give you an unfair advantage the developers did not intend.
    c)No duping items to gain an advantage.
    d)No repeated griefing of other clans that would make them quit the server.

    3. No killing pets that aren't being actively or passively controlled by another player.

    4. No harassment or abuse of other players on the server.

    5. Please don't kill or raid noobs until they have time to build up. Otherwise server dies because all new players leave.

  18. El Topo Lord

    I'll contact them, but I need time and help to get this setup.
    List places I can promote the server?
  19. El Topo Lord

    If we do this tomorrow I will have a much better time of getting this setup. I have an old enjin site I used for Darkfall that I can wipe and reuse for this. I just have no fucking clue about website stuff.
  20. Stormraven New Member

    I was speaking with Cale about this but I figured I should post it here anyway. There are a handful of us that moved to another server looking for some PvP action while waiting for the LotD server to get better with the rubberbanding and the PvP but haven't really found what we are looking for over there either. It seems that a lot of players out there are just playing ARK for the PvE. If this server idea does get up and running we are more then willing to come back to the server. I was also thinking that if you wanted to promote the server that we should go from official to official server promoting the website with a short message with what the server would be about. There has to be more tribes out there that are looking for the same thing.

    I think this game has some great potential and even without the PvP I am enjoying it. I am really looking forward to the "newish" server and getting to play with you guys again.

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