LotD's First Advanced Weapon

Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by qberto, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    LotD's first weapon goes to eltopo!

    lotD's first advanced weapon.jpg
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  2. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership


    I would like to place an order for two Uber short daggers and an Arcane Longbow :)
  3. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I'll be back later in the evening. Need premium ore and wood.
  4. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    @Xpade should have a ton of mats!
  5. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    FOOK TYRANY EAST.... i'll be... some other server rest of the day/night. That shits so bad.....

    P.S. I did leave you wood on Ivaldi. Nothing earth shattering but should be able to handle most the weapon grips you need to do.
  6. Hades Lord of the Dead

    That looks like a nice pizza you are cooking on that stove!

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