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  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    To Infinity, And Beyond!

    With 2013 halfway through, LotD continues to look forward into the second half of 2013 and onward into 2014 with our beta testing the games on the horizon capable of sustaining competitive chapters.

    Sanjo and Del have compiled the below information, so check out the titles below to get signed up for beta invites and keep in touch with Del, our Testing Coordinator who will also be working to secure guild invites to these betas.

    Synopsis: Finally we reach the last title to keep an eye on in our list, Wildstar. Comprised of ex-World of Warcraft staff, who have been working on this fantasy MMORPG or over four years now. Wildstar features very cartoony and stylized graphics, while maintaining what is claimed to be hardcore gameplay. The game is set in a world of Nexus with elements of both magic and technology.
    Launch Date: TBD 2013.

    Elder Scrolls Online
    Synopsis: Oh boy, this could be a disaster in the making, and probably will be. The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG by Zenimax Online, based on the popular series of single-player, open-world RPGs. The game is being headed by the guy who “Ruined Dark Age of Camelot” and will allow players to explore all of Tamriel, not just one location like in previous titles. This particular MMORPG will feature hubless questing, three factions for PvP (just like DAoC) and more.

    Check out this article, Elder Scrolls Online: What we know so far. The article has all the juicy details on what to expect from this risky project, as there is simply too much to discuss here.
    Launch Date: Spring 2014

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
    Synposis: Forget the original FFXIV, this is almost a completely new game. They rebuild the engine, and did away with the madaine things that made the original so horrible. Way more of a traditional MMO (i.e. WoW), and there isn't a whole lot new ideas here. However what is presented is a solid game, with a lot of potential.
    Yoshi-P the lead developer is a big fan of pvp (played daoc for 6 years), and plans to have features like match making arenas and even 3 way faction pvp.

    Synopsis: ArcheAge is an upcoming fantasy sandbox MMORPG by Korean developer, XLGames. Headed by Jake Song, also known as the “Godfather of Lineage”, ArcheAge is an ambitious project that is sure to turn the heads of anyone after the ultimate fantasy sandbox MMORPG. Players enter a world that can be shaped and changed by player interaction on a whole new level. Build houses, player villages, farms, castles and more. Terraform the landscape, plant trees and crops, all these things are possible.
    Launch Date: TBD 2013


    Blade and Soul
    Synopsis: Blade & Soul is another MMORPG slated for a 2012 release in October, however we aren’t expecting it for NA/EU audiences until 2013 unless we’re really lucky. B&S is a fantasy martial-arts MMORPG in development by Korean game developer, NCSoft. Featuring an intense and refreshing combat system, players can master different styles of Japanese martial arts. Run along walls, utilize palm wind and feel the very essence of martialism, chivalrousness and loyalty.


    Synopsis: There seems to be a trend here, this one is from another Korean Developer, Neowiz. BLESS is an upcoming fantasy action-MMORPG with a team of over 150 developers, some of which worked on Aion, TERA and Lineage II. Details are still scarce on this title, but so far it does look promising and is a title I will definitely be keeping my eye on, and you should too if you are a bit of an action-nut.


    Everquest Next:
    Synopsis: EverQuest Next is an interesting concept, SOE is taking the EverQuest universe and rather than continuing the story they are “re-imagining the EverQuest universe”. The MMORPG won’t be a sequel but will still retain some familiar faces, races and places. This might get a lot of EQ fans giddy, hence why it is included in the list, but to me “re-imagining” just says they were lazy and decided to just re-texture the zones, throw in a new story and call it a new title (aka MW3).
    Lineage Eternal- Twighlight Resistance
    Synopsis: Another renowned title is bring out an odd sequel as well, this time it’s Lineage. The previously expected Lineage III has now turned out to be a sequel to the original Lineage rather than the second. Lineage Eternal will feature the diablo-eque camera view and gameplay with Lineage seige battles and fighting thrown into the mix. Original Lineage fans will have a ball in this MMORPG.

    Pathfinder Online
    Synopsis: Avid table-top RPG fans may have been the only ones to pick up on this project, which seemingly has been flying under the radar. Currently being developed by Goblinworks and Paizo, Pathfinder Online is set to be a hybrid of both Theme Park MMORPG and Sandbox MMORPG. Also, players will have the choice of either paying a subscription or playing for free with the option of cash shop purchases.

    The Repopulation
    Synopsis: This is a title that I, amongst many others, have been following closely. Deemed the last hope for Pre-CU SWG fans, this sandbox Sci-Fi MMORPG has a feature list so impressive that players from all backgrounds shouldn’t be able to hold their drool. Players take on the role of a second generation clone who’s job is to re-inhabit the world. Players can join up with one of two factions or seperate from society completely and create their own rogue faction.​
    Synposis: It's a 2 lane with a huge jungle variant of the popular MOBA genre. Similar to league of legends in a lot of ways,
    but also different enough to have a look at. The game is faster pace, and lets you assume designated roles with bonuses.

    Infinite Crisis
    Synposis: You like wearing spendex? In that case this game is for you. It borrows a lot of the traditional MOBA elements from games like League of Legends.
    In fact I'd go so far as saying it's practically a reskin of league of legends with DC comic characters tacked over it. Still tho, their looking to development for esports from the ground up, so that could be interesting.

    FPS Games:
    Synopsis: The world has come to an end as you know it, zombies have taken over the landscape and the game is a dog eats dog world. If you die, you lose everything and get to start over. This game requires a tight knit group capable of shooting their way out of sticky situations and fending off other player's raiding teams.

    Synopsis: Survarium is a logical addition to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe, throwing players into a post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMOFPS. The game is currently being developed by Ukrainian company, Vostok Games. Survarium will throw players into an atmospheric world of a crashed civilization, factions and loners, stalkers and hunters, all surviving in the one sandbox together.

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  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Ask if you have questions!
  3. Ren Elder

    Nice job by the testing guys to roll this out- there are so many titles these days its very hard to keep up.
  4. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    FFXIV launches on August 27th.
  5. sil New Member

    I will be playing FFXIV for damn sure. They really fixed it.
  6. Lake Warlord

    I will be giving out Beta Keys for Dawngate tomorrow during my stream. Tune in to check out the Close Beta and pick up your key! www.twitch.tv/lakelol
  7. BioGyver Member

    DayZ is going to be epic, I haven't been keeping up with the standalone client much recently but just from what I saw back when it was first announced it looks good. I've seen Lakez playing some DG and IC both look good and looking forward to trying them out.
  8. I don't care what we play as long as the family is back together once again.
  9. Leshil Warlord

    I'm seriously boggled at the options in MMOs in the next few years. EQNext, Wildstar, ESO...
  10. Wuylith Member

    I hope to get into at least 1 or 2 of these betas :-(

    I shelled out a lot of money for Shroud of the Avatar so I am guaranteed Alpha and Beta in that along with all the xpacs and a house lol. After that my list of intrigue goes as follows:

    2. Wildstar
    3. Archeage
    4. FFXIV (my comp raped the benchmark program they released the other day)
    5. The Repopulation (looks pretty cool been tracking it for a couple years)
    6. Elder Scroll Online
    7. Blade and Soul (maybe. Has to not be like Age of Wushu/Wulin)

    I am also in Infinite Crisis, but haven't played it in a month or so. its fun to play as super heroes and villains but it is basically your typical moba.

    Cheers! Brothers and Sisters for the time of gaming has arose once again!
  11. Dogmatic Banned

    1. Wildstar
    2. Day Z
    3. The Repopulation
    4. Archeage

    Star Citizen would be on my list if it weren't so far out...but out of all these titles, Day Z is the only title I'm 100% on playing. Wildstar would have to royally fuck up to not play it, though.

    Never thought the industry would get healthy again. I'm stoked that I need more than 1 hand to count titles which I don't feel will suck releasing in the near future!
  12. Torric Lord

    These two games have me excited. They both almost seam too good to be true and are both a ways out. But still take a look for yourself;

    Ubisoft's - The Division

    Bungie's - Destiny

    too good.
    Dogmatic likes this.
  13. Wuylith Member

    Destiny I look forward to as well but I wasn't aware it was also on PC. Should be like a Red Dead redemption like game with builds and no auto aiming :p
  14. rambro Member

    Well I was really excited for TESO but after watching the live view today wow was I dissapointed. Everquest Next definately killed it. They have taken a step in the right direction. I will be on Final Fantasy for sure
  15. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Pretty sure mark jacob holds that prestigious title, not matt firor.
  16. rambro Member

    Of course Camelot is my #1 I regret not backing and getting into alpha
  17. The Division does look really good I'll admit. From reading the plot I hope this doesn't turn into some zombie game though...

    As for Destiny I just can't get into that game for some reason... Maybe I need to take another look at it again
  18. Chaotix Warlord

    Star Citizen's dog fighting module could hit as soon as Dec. 2013

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