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  1. Kotoll Lord

    So some of you know that I have a few accounts. Lately the account I have been playing is Best Hecarim QQ. As of last week I made plat for the first time and found out i'm one of the top Hecarim players in NA.

    Now I know what your thinking .... wait your plat not diamond or challenger soooo. Which I agree overall as a player i'm not even close to other junglers in skill. Honestly with any other positions or champs i'm silver or gold. But here's some numbers I had fun with. Hecarim QQ/champions
    5191 skill score / 414 games on Hecarim / 4.00 KDA / 16.2% better then average Hecarim player.

    Other players with 400+ games on Hecarim

    1) Riot FearGorm 6804 / 962 games / 4.02 kda / 14.1%
    2) Rockllee 6500 / 548 games / 3.14 kda / 7.3%
    3) jechtlee 6471 / 504 games / 3.22 kda 8.9%
    14) Best Pony HK 5982 / 525 games / 3.32 kda/ 14.5% - (plat 4)
    16) Escapes 5948 / 501 games / 2.54 kda / 9.1%
    19) Riding Hecarim 5914 / 918 games / 3.39 kda / 17.5%
    21) Drah 5905 / 568 games / 3.72 kda / 11.5%
    28) MaliceDecay 5814 / 405 games / 3.93 kda / 19.2%
    36) Guccijay 5702 / 450 games / 2.87 kda / 7.3%
    48) Zforce8 5652 / 561 games / 2.89 kda / 7.0%
    93) BagelKnight 5465 / 545 games / 2.87 kda / 27.7% <-- high performance due cs laning.
    121) Biritsu 5400 / 549 games / 3.29 kda / 3.3%
    136) Adr316 5368 / 531 games / 3.18 kda / 2.5%
    138) Bloodspoint 5367 / 536 games / 4.00 kda / 18.2% - (Plat 5)
    251) Best Hecarim QQ 5191 / 414 games / 4.00 kda / 16.2%

    So out of the million plus people in NA their is only 15 of us on this list with 400+ games. Crazy.

    Also 4th on the list is Best Pony HK. Same level as myself but with 111 more games. His skill score breaks down as this ...
    Performance -884
    General Skill - 1295
    Experience - 3803

    Mine is ...

    Performance -966
    General Skill - 1166
    Experience - 3058

    So the main difference is experience which I believe is the game difference of 111 games. If I keep the pace and stay Plat 4 after 111 more games I will be top 5.

    Alright back to watching LCS :p
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  2. That's pretty awesome man, congrats! But why did you choose Hec? There are so many other/better jugglers out there.
  3. Daemon Lord

    I won't post my win percent when playing with Kotoll. He can't carry this heavy. :p
  4. Kotoll Lord

    Well I started at the beginning of season 3 and Hecarim was banned quite a bit. Also one of the first games I watched in playoffs was a Hecarim game. At the time Hecarim was a feared champion and the meta was tanky jungles. Problem was tanky junglers like Voli get kited pretty easy. So when Hecarim was nerfed he was also never banned giving me a chance to play him more. Pretty much the meta changed to assassins and I kept playing Hecarim :p
  5. Kotoll Lord

    Since posting those stats I have won 9 games in a row. 1 game from Plat 2 promos.

    Craziest part is my skill score after just 9 wins is 5431. That moves me from #251 to #112.
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  6. You should do the same with lee sin next season
  7. Dozel Member

    very sick man, congrats keep it up. kill them all :)
  8. Kotoll Lord

    Well i might start Rammus but i doubt he'll stay as strong as he is. Not to mention the meta /items will change which could affect rammus big time.

    What i'll probably do if find a champ i can play top/mid and jungle if needed. Like Akali or Kha
  9. Dozel Member

    yea.. i am interested what they unveil for season 5, they have been going in the right direction with masteries, runes and items. maybe some love to the unused spells?

    i hope there is a few tweaks for hybrid itemizations

    Novak does lots of Khazix mid and he does well.

    Rumble, Trundle are pretty strong for top lane... like secret weapons in the hands of a good player.

    Ryze, Swain and Vladimir can do well if you counterpick people or avoid your counters... i think Sion is gonna be a beast as well... very fun to play revamp.
  10. Kotoll Lord

    Well I can't get out of plat 3. Been to the promo 6x now and my record * is 2-12. Good news is that I keep moving up with each game. 5479 and #98 in NA. 337 World.
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  11. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  12. Thats pretty awesome Kotoll, I started playing again as this post motivated me to do so. Got gold out of my placement matches and just started back up last week.
  13. Kotoll Lord

    Another 0-2 promo. This game hates me lol. 2-14
  14. Isy Lord

    I just went from Plat promos to 5 points in Gold 1 because of the insufferable amount of trolls in this fucking game. Fuck them and fuck them again.
  15. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Shouldn't you be in AA Isy? ~bonk
  16. Isy Lord

    I would be if I had enough time. I just got a new job and didnt have enough time to commit to a new chapter the way I wanted to T_T

    I still have my 150 dollar shit that I bought. Anyone wanna buy it?

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