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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dozel, Aug 4, 2015.

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    be scared but prepared
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    Might as well smoke a big fat one.
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    i can understand, but i have more evidence for anyone to view

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    I just looked at the text in the preview of that first video and said "nope."
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    then i must go once more
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    How does our biggest future stock market loss come on a sunday?
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    i must be on that crazy juice... but mark my words they don't care what your life is about, our origins have been covered up

    i may not be the best guild member, but i help where i can
  8. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    what a graceful use of arithmetics, the queen of mathematical arts
  9. Cedwyn Banned

    These videos are biased.

    1. Anyone can create numbers and use math to find a common or linear pattern. For example, let's use 'Likort' and a=1, b=2, etc. So L=12, i=9, k=11, o=15, r=18, t=20, total = 85. 8-5 = 3, 3 sides of a triangle, all seeing eye / Illuminati. 8+5 = 13, 13 is considered bad luck. 1+3 = 4, 4 sides of a square. WTF = 23+20+6 = 49, 4+9 = 13. Likort = WTF.

    Source 1:
    "Paranormal beliefs are strongly related to perceptual biases for detecting illusory patterns"

    2. The videos don't even start to comprehend beyond 3d space. Limiting your number correlations to 3 dimensions in a multi-dimensional universe is another example of bias in these videos. The 4th and beyond dimensions are difficult for a human brain to comprehend given our only experience with dimensions are 2d and 3d.

    3. The videos like to reference 666 a lot. I didn't watch the videos all the way through and skipped around, but a lot of the times I ended up on some discussion of 666.

    Source 2:

    Brief history lesson (summarized from this source): Christians overtook Paganism by converting pagan beliefs to christian stories. Pagan sect of Christianity was practicing paganism within the church (ie. astrology, numerology). Those running the church didn't like this, so they created some stories of how pagan beliefs were wrong (satan = part goat, goat = pagan god, satan = evil, therefore the pagan god is evil), and 666 was used in pagan astrology, so it was attached to evil / satan as a way to curb the use of astrology within the pagan sect. Ultimately a lot of pagan beliefs were curtailed by creating new stories of evil or twisting existing stories to relate to jesus christ.

    Source 3:

    "In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it. Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians."

    Saturnalia was a week long festival that took place from December 18th to the 25th. This ultimately became 'Chirstmas'. Another example of twisting of pagan views to convert people to Christianity.

    So... 666 is nothing more than a lie created to make the pagan goat god "Horned God" look evil and to convert pagans to Christianity. 666 has uses in astrology and numerology, but it really isn't as important as any other number, but is blown out of proportion because of its relation to the church / evil / satan.

    4. Mathematics may play a key role in the universe, however trying to relate things / events in the universe with simple numbers + arithmetic's such as adding, without considering more advanced methods such as calculus, really dilutes these videos.

    We don't even have a unified theory of everything (ToE), nor do we have a theory of gravity, nor do we have equations to link things like this together, yet these videos want you to believe the universe is mathematically connecting using really simple mathematics??? LOL. Hell, even gravity on Earth is calculated using calculus, and calculus is heavily used in astrophysics, but these videos present numbers / logic of a very simple and dumbed-down view of mathematics in the universe.

    5. Entropy often doesn't make sense, but these type of people will find a pattern or distinct number associated with the randomness to make it link to their belief. For example, using the diameter of the moon in comparison to the sun and Earth diameters. The diameter is approximate, no one has actually measured the diameter, and it isn't an integer (ie. it has decimal places). Same goes for Earth and the sun. But having decimals will create issues when trying to compare to other celestial bodies. Also, the approximate size of these objects can be used easier, than having the exact size. This is akin to comparing a pumpkin to a grape, without using a measuring tape and approximating the diameter of each, we can make some false assumptions that grapes are mathematically correlated to pumpkins.
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  10. Isy Lord

    Can someone make these guys pass the bong.... I think they have hit it way too many times. Either that or these fuckers need to pass the torch cuz that fucking wax is killing them slowly.
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  12. Dozel Member

    here is more of the same

  13. Dozel Member

    i send out my love to the holy ghost...
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  15. Pookee Lord

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  16. Cedwyn Banned

    My trolling on the forums is inverse to my trolling in an online game. When I am not playing an online game, my trolling here rises.

    LotD Career: Those in control know my contributions and desire to see the guild succeed. My personality and characteristics may appear as I don't take anything serious / troll all the time, but that doesn't mean I'm not useful in leadership positions, as my gaming resume would suggest. When in such positions, I take the role seriously and adjust my trolling/joking/attitude. When not in a leadership position, I generally maintain a 'lord' role, such as taking the leader role when leading groups - target calling, training, communication, etc.

    New players: If they are going to judge someone based on forum usage alone, then Gaunsaku is a soft, warm-hearted kitten. If anything, I am teaching them that being judging the book by the cover is a poor way to look at other people. However, I can't say for everyone, but most new players who I *play with* understand me quite well. It is unfortunate that other people haven't had the chance to bathe in my light and be showered by my golden glory.

    For example, if you haven't played with Soth, you might think it is a PVE carebear who has a hard-on for games that are all hype. Well, they'd actually be right, but they wouldn't know that it also hates humour and wants to see Trump as president.

    Trolling/joking: I do it for fun. I never troll to hurt people's feelings or make them mad. In the above paragraph, I call Soth a PVE carebear, but that is because it isn't a person, so it is okay. But everyone else, it is all in good fun. In life, I am just as silly because I do it to make people laugh/smile. Gaming can be serious, especially when you are virtually cutting off someone's head and then stand over their dead body and put your virtual crotch in their virtual mouth. But most people play games to relax and have fun. The way I relax and have fun is by trolling.

    I think the problem is is that trolling has been given a bad name by the weak shit people pull, like trying to incite hate by using offensive comments. Some of my best trolls aren't about attacking people, but getting people to attack me such as launching into a tirade about how stupid I am (not talking about you, but when I specifically play 'the fool', it is a skit, an act). Those who know me can laugh along, because it plays out more like an improv than a troll, and that is what makes it fun!

    Serious side: I don't expect people to take me seriously. If I post something serious, you can usually tell by the length. All my trolls/jokes are short / one liners, like the thread on the lord forums was just a title, lol. In a leadership role, people can often tell when I am serious and when I am joking. For example, a lot of people felt my wrath when they didn't sign the fucking SOPs.

    If people shit on me, that is their problem, not mine because I am not offended. I'll shit back on them, mostly because scat is fun, but also because I like to torture players, especially new members, and especially those who like KISS. I mean "like like".
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  17. Pookee Lord

    you got me.

    I got drunk and caught feelings for you man. Not sure how you took all this shit folks give you. It kinda gets to me, so I'm learning to tone it down. Ah well. Just know that I like you (no homo) was just in a fucked way trying to look out for you. But as you said you're a big boy and can take care of yourself. Carry on then :)
  18. Cedwyn Banned

    1) Homo or no homo, you can love me any way you want. You can even stick your dick in some mans ass for me.

    2) People's perception of you: it is all about being yourself and not thinking of what other people are thinking of you - many people have this problem. I don't think it is a insecurity, but a human survival instinct: you want to be accepted / part of the community and feel that you need people's appreciate to do that. Being a good person doesn't require others to think highly of you. If you get caught up in what others think of you - you will spend a lot of time worrying and trying to make yourself 'perfect' in the eyes of others, rather than spending that time doing what you enjoy doing, whether that is murdering kids or painting happy trees.

    3) Shit talking: most people shit talk because it is accepted form of communication. Like how two black guys can call each other niggers - it isn't offensive to them because the word has transcended its original meaning. Just like when you always say you hate me and wish I was dead and want to hire a gunman to kill me - I know it is because you secretly want to be inside me.

    So I imagine most shit talking is just that - replacing words with swear words because it has become an accepted form of communication. I don't necessarily like seeing 'fuck' every other word that you hear from some people, but it has become a 'reinforcement word' to make a sentence/argument stronger, like as if you bolded the sentence. Ie. "I fucking love that!" instead of "I really love that!" or "Cedwyn is such a fag" vs. "Cedwyn is so awesome, adorable and a really charming individual"
  19. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    This can all be summed up by the state of Cedwyns car. @Valus
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    Why the fuck did this derail into a trolling anonymous session for cedwyn

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