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    So weird i made a post about this today. Seems that the generation after me is so up in arms about eveything and anything. Also their are so entitled, in thinking that they have a right to express the opinions and that if it is against it that the other person is intolerant or scum of society.

    one example of this was a news article
    Where a 11 year old girl was put in a spit hood and hand cuffed. However the girl herself was being violent, agressive and spitting at officers so they detained her, like you would do with any other person i nthis circumstance.

    In the discussion they were offended because
    1) She was a girl beign treate this way
    2) She was 11 years old
    3) she was mentaliy disabled

    However the article fails to mention it was the mother who called the Police.
  3. Nothing makes me happier than relishing the tears as these naive souls are ripped from their trigger free bubbles and thrust into a society where coddling stops at convenience.

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