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  1. Cedwyn Banned

    Hey all,

    Since we have some knowledgeable military people in the guild, I was hoping for some insight on the current conflicts in the middle east (Yemen, Syria, etc.). Or maybe some articles I can read up on. I am a bit in the dark on these topics and want to know a bit more.

    1) Are the conflicts all related to religion (ie. Islam sects) or is there others reasons for the conflicts?

    2) The USA seems to have a lot invested in these conflicts. Are they just supporting their allies, or is there another reason for their participation?

    3) Why does the USA help/care to bomb targets in these countries?

    4) Are there any other western/european countries taking part in these conflicts besides USA?

    5) If the Yemen/Saudi conflict is religion/Islam related, then why isn't Saudi and Israel at war?

    6) Why is the USA bombing targets in Africa? Do you have any speculation on the goals of bombing in this area?

    7) Are any of the following countries involved in the conflicts in some way? (Qatar, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan or Kuwait)

    8) Do Russia or China have any involvement in the conflicts in the area?

    9) What conflicts involve ISIS or have been impacted by their presence?

    10) Speculation on when these conflicts will end or what it would take to bring peace to that area?

  2. Glisseal Lord

    That part of the planet has been at war for the last 40+ years. The only reason we hear about that area is because of the oil in the region. When the oil drys up no Body will give a crap about how the bucket heads kill each other.......I say suck that shit dry...the sooner the better!
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  3. Cedwyn Banned

  4. Cedwyn Banned

    I posted the same questions to Reddit and got an interesting response for why the USA is involved if anyone cares:

    They said the USA is a Hegemon (the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others [ie. the predominance over the world]) and this means they want to hold this status by maintaining the status quot: helping allies / defending them, providing political /economic aid, and similar activities. However, this tends to cause a poor reputation for the USA because they often have to enact foreign policies that benefit their allies, which may not directly benefit the USA. For example, the recent trade deal controversy - I'm sure there is corporate greed involved, but a portion of the deal would also be to maintain the economic power the USA holds over the world. Unfortunately, this is all on a macro-level, and the people of the USA tend to suffer while the USA tries to maintain their reputation and control over the world. I am thinking it is: you either focus on your people (ie. Sweden, which has amazing social advancement) or you focus on your grip on the world, which thus requires investing a lot of money into maintaining your power (military complex, wall street, etc.). Like the old adage for defense: you need to defend all areas, where as the attacker only needs to find one weak spot - the USA needs to spend money in all areas to maintain their grip, where-as other countries can focus on a single goal, and spend less.

    If we consider similar contenders for Hegemon, they all suffer the same issues the USA has on some level. Russia tries to push for military dominance (ie. constant news about military ships/aircraft in Europe / northern sea), and as a result, has a shit economy and lots of poor people / poor social advancement. China has an economical dominance, but with recent countries having an even lower wage (ie. Indonesia, India), they are looking to other markets to expand their grip, which ultimately affects work for the very poor and the social rights of their people ("communism", more like "dictatorship"). Also, Russia/China wanting the Hemegon status so they can push their agendas to the world - just happen to be allies and treat the USA as an enemy, and therefore choose opposite actions of the USA, such as votes in the UN.
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  5. Glisseal Lord

    Yea...honestly take this political shit else where.
  6. Cedwyn Banned

    I should've figured your intelligence wouldn't be capable of understanding.
  7. NyN_ToFiVe Sleeps In PvP

    Cedwyn . . .is Canadian.
  8. Furyos Warlord

    We don't care about it anymore because oil is cheap.
  9. Furyos Warlord

    If oil were 100 bucks a barrel we'd be sending troops.
  10. Cedwyn Banned

    Furyos plays zerg... figures, he likes those big LotD zerg armies in mmo's.
  11. As long as it still cost me 15 dollars to fill up my 1998 Honda civic from Empty to Full am happy.

    But seriously though can I sum this up in a nut shell.

    Wait intill the USA finishes it's political campaign after that things are going to be interesting in the next couple months maybe a year or two.

    Social advancement and Economical Dominance are the two biggest factors which can and will sway the scales of power at be. At this point it's just a game of chess to see what superpower with in there own right achieves checkmate.

    And am going back to ghosting interesting read to say the least.
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    War in the middle east between people is about religion and money. That is mostly what wars are about all over the world.

    The reason that anyone cares about the middle east has been the oil interests in that region and their value, not only to the US but to other countries. That last sentence isn't completely accurate though. You see, the USA is tied to the banks and other corporations who's interests come into play. So there are many factors.

    1. The US is an economic empire
    2. To maintain that empire, we have to prove that our might can be put into action in military form to protect our, our allies, and our financial elements interests.
    3. The companies who sponsor our political machine weigh in heavily on our interactions.

    Outside of that, it's just groups of people killing each other... which happens in Africa significantly more frequently and on larger scales.
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  13. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Wahhabism n' shit.
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  14. FeelsBadMan :/
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  15. The it can still 1 vs 5 most cars then A Smite promotion Match.
  16. Furyos Warlord

    You put money into a 1998 Civic.
  17. Wasn't my money which was the sad part

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