Minion Masters - Compete in 30 Min Increments!

Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by Hades, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead


    Minion Masters is now free on Steam:

    Things I like about it:

    • Matches are 1 to 10 minutes
    • It uses a "Card Deck" for strategy
    • Short wait queues
    • Ranked Leagues
    I'm going to stream it a few times a week, so feel free to follow my Twitch to check out matches as I navigate the leagues! Hades Twitch Channel:

    If you don't have time for traditional MOBAS, this is a cool alternative game!

    Their Discord channel can be found here:

    If anyone else wants to play it and do premade teams, let me know here!

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