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    Bluesnews Announcement

    End of Nations Website

    (Developed by Command &Conquer Devs)

    Press News

    End of Nations Armory Article


    These were the guys who flew me out to Austin in Sept 09. There are links to the game specific stuff in the article above, but here's some text.

  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Trion Announces MMORTS

    LotD could write their script.
  3. Garthilk General Badass

    Re: Trion Announces MMORTS

    This company is FOS.
  4. Salohcin Member

    Re: Trion Announces MMORTS

    That does sound like great fun, god it would be awesome to hear my characters name mentioned on the show. :)
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    End of Nations Website
    Game FAQ

    E3 - 2010 Game Trailer
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    Game Info
    End of Nations is being developed by Petroglyph Studios in partnership with Trion, and has developed popular RTS games such as Age of Empires and Command and Conquer. So these guys know RTS games, and I think that if anyone can make a successful MMORTS then it will be these guys.
    --50 man maps

    Games Radar News July 16-2010

    [​IMG] Game Q&A with Devs

    July 21st -MMORPG. RTS 101 talk MMORTS concepts

    Syndicon - 2010 Gameplay Update

    Dev Diary 1
    Dev Diary 2 - Cooperate and Conquer
  6. Solus Lord

    Interesting. I'm not usually an RTS fan, but this looks appealing.
  7. Interesting, but I have trouble picturing a 25 vs 25 battle NOT becoming a clusterfuck.
  8. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Added another Dev Diary video.

    At 25 vs 25 it will be a hell of a lot less zergy than some of the MMO's we've played in recent years. Warhammer and AION was 300 vs 300 in their zones..........and that is a clusterfuck.
  9. Cedwyn Banned

    Correct me if I am wrong, but:

    1) No base building, ala Dawn of War 2 (unit command) gameplay.
    2) Unit count limited by 'unit points', where each unit has a certain cost.

    Also, some thoughts:

    1) What are maps like? How big, how laggy, etc.
    2) Are there bases? Can they be controlled?
    3) Supreme Commander as an MMO would be epic.
  10. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    I'm a C&C nut, and will give this one a shot no matter what. But it's another 2011 release:mad:
  11. fragnstein Member

    World in conflict was kinda like this, but it was 8 a side. World in conflict does not offer base-building or resource gathering. Instead, players are given a pre-determined amount of in-game reinforcement points to buy units. When a player buys a unit, the reinforcements points are subtracted from the point bank and the units are airdropped to the field, with a 20-second wait for the units to arrive. When a unit is destroyed, the points that had been used to purchase it are slowly filtered back to the player: thus reinforcements can be summoned back into the fray.

    Three types of maps are featured: domination maps, where players must control command points to win the game, assault maps, where one team defends a series of command points which the other teams assaults, and tug of war maps, where teams must fight to capture a series of command points on the front line, whereupon the line shifts towards a new set of points closer to the losing team. One side plays as either the United States or NATO, while the other as the Soviet Union. Neither side has any sort of advantage.

    It was pretty fun, and had a good twist for rts
  12. Hades Lord of the Dead

  13. Hades Lord of the Dead

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  14. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Syndicon - 2010 Gameplay Update

    They talk a little more about the game stuff, and how players join in on the action. I still want to know more about the persistence, and how anything we do has an impact on the world.
  15. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Trion @ New York Comic Con
    Posted by Myll-Erik on 4 October 2011
    Categories: Developer, News.
    Trion is headed to the New York Comic Con next week. The panel takes places on Friday, October 14th, from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. EDT in room 1A24. Tickets for the con are still available on the official NYCC website.

    RIFT , End of Nations, and Defiance developers will all be present at the panel above. If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out.


    So anyhow just checked up on this game... beta registration is open on their website and after watching all of their media the game sounds like it will be the style of Shattered Galaxy, a Nexon MMORTS. I always wanted a shattered galaxy clone to come out :)
  16. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    the gameplay at the GamesCom booth was pretty terrible, but that might have just been due to the way they presented it
  17. I tried it last year at PAX. It played pretty smooth there and the presentation was fine but I am not really into RTS so I would be a bad judge for comparisons.
  18. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    delete this post please, hit response in wrong tab.
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