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Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by Hades, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

  2. Wooglin Inactive Chapter Member

    I want Esports to get off my lawn!

    I guess we will have to accept the reality that it brings although in my opinion for the hardcore gamers and ones that want a specific type of experience I don't see how a smartphone or ipad could replace a PC just like the consoles never fully got rid of them. Or at least I hope.
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  3. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    What Wooglin said. Given the type of input and stuff, I don't see any real, viable path to mobile esports. The devices, themselves, are far less reliable than PC's or consoles.
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  4. Ichimaru Lord

    I'm waiting on the day where I can have a jack installed in my neck (like in the Matrix) and directly plug my brain into my games. When I can control them just by thinking I'll give up my keyboard and mouse, not before.

    As far as esports goes, I love it, but to me the next logical step for them is to go through cable companies/DirectTV to offer some form of a purchasable sports package (like NFL Sunday Ticket). Considering most of the country is in rural areas, not everyone has internet access without data limitations. League of Legends by itself streams professional games 6 hours a day, 4 days a week when its in season. Rural internet options just cant handle that kind of volume, and a purchasable sports package will do more for Esports in my eyes than anything on mobile devices ever will.
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  5. Wooglin Inactive Chapter Member

    Ah I might have misunderstood the point of the article then. I guess if it is talking about streaming "E-sports" I can see why it needs to be supported on phones even though I would never watch it myself and I can see it becoming a package on cable if it got that popular here. I took it as saying ppl would play esports from their smartphones etc.

    Also Ichi, I think we are already in the matrix with a plug and our "in life" avatars will now have their own matrix... it is so meta :p
  6. Ichimaru Lord

    Nah you had it right before Wooglin, the article was aimed at them being played on mobile devices. I just don't take touch screens seriously at all, unless you're playing poker or something turn based where response time isnt an issue I dont see it working at all. I was just looking at it from a big picture angle and thinking "whats the biggest thing that can be done to advance esports as a genre?" and to me its making it more accessible to a bigger audience. LoL world championships had a higher viewer count last year than the Superbowl did (primarily because its big in multiple regions of the world instead of just here in mericuh). It just surprises me that its not on my TV yet, but as one of those rural people with shit internet, I'm biased lol.
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  7. Vulrin Member

    Mobile game devs would have to stop making p2w mobile games for this to be of any relevance imo. I can see the streaming thing being an solid option for ESports but gaming I just can't at least not yet.

    Also I believe ESPN did have a LoL competition on its channel and people freaked out cause you know ESports isn't a thing. I see this becoming bigger too from todays trends.

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