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Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by Asim, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Asim Crowfall Tester

    I think CrowFall has the potential to be a great game. I am hoping to play it for years, not the mere weeks or months that recent games have kept me involved. It is a different type of game however, and play styles will clearly be different.

    What type of guild structure will be required to maximize both guild and individual success?

    This will not be a game conducive to solo play. You can be a fighter, a gatherer or a crafter but not all three. You won’t even be able to be 2 out of three.


    Let’s start here. A specialized skinner will not be able to just run out, kill shit and come home with a pack load of skins. Not unless he is willing to lose 10, 40 or even 100% of his kill to predators. He is going to need a group. We do not know what an optimal group is going to be, but let’s assume it is five men. One skinner, one scout and 3 fighters.

    How are these five going to be compensated for their time? It could be free for all. Whatever you manage to pick up is yours to keep. You might decide to divide the night’s spoils evenly among the group.

    What about the guild? Do they get a cut of the spoils? Half? All?


    A crafter cannot be an island. Almost all finished goods will require components from two or more crafts and an individual can only be specialized in one craft. Where will the raw materials come from? The crafter cannot gather them himself, he is a specialized crafter not a fighter or gatherer. Is he going to trade for them? Are they going to be supplied by the guild?

    If the mats are provided by the guild what happens to the finished good. Does it go into the guild bank to be distributed to members? How will it be decided who gets what?


    A campaign world is going to be a dangerous place. Players will require food and shelter to survive. The game plan is to have conditions deteriorate over time. Players will need to stockpile supplies from the good times in order to survive the bad. Where will these stockpiles be stored? By the individual? By the guild? How will they be distributed?

    Guild Structure

    I think it is apparent that the decisions we make about guild structure are in large part going to dictate how successful the guild (and by extension the individual) is in this game.

    Are we going to be communist, socialist or capitalist? This will be fun.

  2. Ren Elder

    Asim, Our leadership structure is outlined here. From the division of labor, you can see that we are already anticipating having multiple foci in crafting, harvesting, exploration, scouting, sieging, etc as a CW progresses through it's lifespan.

    Coming from old school PvP games, I have seen "communist" guild economies work well. In Shadowbane, the dominant alpha/beta guild would keep all it's members naked except for a weapon to farm enough cash for a seed of life, and that approach repeatedly was the best-time path to server first. We will have to see what balance works best for quality of life (hardcore versus casual) and overall guild advancement. Regardless of the exact details, we know there will be heavy interdependence of all facets of the game and it won't be left to chance.
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  3. Piikaa Warlord

    I'm watching this play out in Albion right now. 100% loot when PvP death, so everyone has to have 2-5 sets of gear for a single evening when playing PvP / Guild vs Guild. It's funny to see the folks spend all their money on the auction house / hours gathering & crafting to wear the best gear only to loose it 10 steps into a PvP zone.
  4. Asim Crowfall Tester

    To an extent it should be self compensating I would think. You lose your gear when you die but get someone else's when they do. Unless you only lose of course. :)
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