Muta Magic Box

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    Completely nullifies thor aoe damage. Simple to execute.

    Now the terran is forced into one of the following:

    - to mass marines(which rape mutas), but Muta zergling/baneling will beat this. Simply run at the marines with your banelings and as they run pick them off with mutas. (LEARN MUTA MICRO)(Get Baneling Speed)

    -to build a significant amount of vikings, Good things mutas are vikings counter =P... Mutas are faster than vikings, forcing the vikings to not venture from their army too far.(Muta Micro will allow you to kill an endless number of vikings as they fly away trying to escape.) When he keeps his vikings with his army/base it can be difficult, but a tech up to ultralisks should be on the way soon if your expansion is up and running and if he was building marauders as a counter to muta/ling he should be dead already, otherwise ulks will mow down almost anything he should have.

    -MISSILE TURRETS!!!, unfortunately for zerg missile turrets 4ish shot mutas which is crazy. Missile turrets rape mutas. One trick for muta micro.. if you have 4 mutas you can kill a turret but all of your mutas will be hurt afterward. As soon as you see a muta take damage from the turret select it and run out of range, then immediately select the group and start retreating the next muta targeted. Repeat. It is important you run away as soon as damage is received, it will almost be dead by the time the muta gets out of range.

    TIPS: You have a shit ton of extra minerals build some more queens and expand and take gas geysers. Extra queens allow you to assault things like missile turrets without worry since transmute takes a muta from 1 health to all the way to full. Creep tumors will be amazing for your zling and blings as well.

    If you go fast 1 base mutas the right way you will have abbout 400-500 gas when you complete your spire, so make sure you have 5 larva, Just prior to that build an expansion with 300 minerals as soon as you get the 300 minerals you will still have enough minerals when the spire finishes to build all 5 mutas. Just a little timing thing people aren't aware of, most the time resulting in an expansion immediately after making your 5 mutas. (Don't supply block your 5 mutas :( )

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