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  1. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    EDIT: Game launches on June 21st, 2017. Free-to-play with cash shop like league of legends model.


    On the same topic, the Node Sets, sorted by Masters using it, are as follows:

    • 2/2/2 (Lua, Taejin, Kromede, Tulam, Nedien, Statesman)
    • 2/1/3 (Demenos, R & B, Lorraine, V-Merang, Mondo Zax, Ghost Widow)
    • 3/1/2 (Poharan, Innowin, Vonak, Sonid, Merope)
    • 1/1/4 (Arami, Vita, Lilu, Nanurunerk)
    • 1/2/3 (Moro, Eirna, Bumaro, Maia)
    • 3/2/1 (MBA-07, Jinsoyun, Pancuga)
    • 2/3/1 (Death Knight, Ignuma, Rytlock)
    • 1/3/2 (Jingtai, Kat the Cat)
    • 4/1/1 (Dr. Raoul, Shizuka)
    • 1/4/1 (Koom)
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  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Easey made me install it. Alpha Playtest 3 is over now, but maybe I'll be able to have a look at the next Playtest.
  3. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    How was it? I'm still a fan of dota.... (Inc flames)
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Wasn't able to play it that weekend. I don't think I've ever heard dota flamed here, must be the youngins
  5. Pikeasey Lord

    I had fun playing it lol. didn't check out the minigames but those looked fun on video
  6. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    A reddit post from the devs says that first invites for the next test phase will go out to the mailing list.
    You can sign up for the newsletter here
  7. Iseng Warlord

    If anyone get s a spare key I would like to try it.
  8. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Sorry but I only play Dota 2 and yell at Brazilians who don't speak English playing on English NA servers.
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  9. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I just got an extra key, tomorrow is the last day of test. Any MOBA vets wanna give it a go 1pm-9pm pst are the open hours just let me know.

    This is the "Baron" or "Roshan" pit from other games. (this is another 'boss' that can spawn instead.)

    Games are all 30 minutes maximum with 3 different ways to win , Kill the enemy core, Get 1000 Points, Have more Points after 30 minutes. Mini-titans push the side waves their objectives altars start spawning 2 minutes into the game so that is when the rotations will start to happen and laning basically ends, 2 different boss locations one that gives a lot of points (in the video) and another that gives team wide buffs, each side has buff mobs in the jungle as well, warding is done like starcraft II or strife with a tower you go and activate and then you have that sight for 300 seconds. A large titan spawns down the center lane every 100 points your team gets, everything around the map gives a different amount of points, there are titan shards that drop from titans when you kill them, the enemy gets true vision of you and you are slowed, if you get 7 back to base a team member can transform into a titan anywhere on the map.

    All of my games are ending with the core being destroyed, I had 2 out of 24 that went the full 30 minutes mainly due to people not knowing how to play in the alpha.

    Basic tips:
    • Swapping heroes is a CC break, with everyone having 2 heroes there is a shit load of CC so you need to be aware of your swap cool down (its about 15 seconds), Swaping heroes also disjoints projectiles and stopes any ongoing dot or ultimate on you.
    • Each hero has 4 basic skills that you choose 2 of and one ultimate, make sure one of heroes has some movement.
    • You must last hit minions to get their points, if you are actually clearing waves properly you will
    • Main objective at the start is the side lane altars that spawn at 2 minutes, everyone rushes to gain vision of the ward towers and then around 2 minutes mid lane will start rotating to try to win one of the sides, the other side tries to hold out until their allies can help, you can just hit an enemy to stop their capture of the side lane altars.
    • You can't see uphill unless you are on it, use this to your advantage, there are 'shortcut blockades' in the jungles that can be destroyed for faster routes, you can always use jumping skills to get over them while they are not destroyed.
    • Characters have separate skill cool downs and separate health, Mana/energy regenerate on your tagged out hero, ultimate gauge is shared.
    • It can be good when you are starting out to take at least 1 dps hero so you can dps down titans and the side lane dudes.
    • If you hit a skill hotkey twice it cancels the skill, this was an issue for when I started playing I couldn't get off abilities at times just due to my MOBA clicking habits from other games.
    • Swapping heroes give a slight health recovery and stamina recovery
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  10. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Sorry I have plans after work otherwise I would join you.
  11. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Noone has shown any interest, here is the key for anyone that wants to try a new moba I am not sure if this gets you in future tests.
  12. Jbigg Jay Biguos

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  13. Isy Lord

    I will, I actually met one of the devs the other day who came to check out our offices (he is dating one of the girls that works here) and he said he was gonna get me a key.

    I am down to play with you.

    Can you reach out to me on discord or curse though? I rarely check the forums anymore.
  14. Daemon Lord

    :( I barely have time to play a few LOL games on the weekend. I'd feel like I was stealing a key from someone who might actually play. but signed up anyway. :D
  15. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Getting a key, let me know when you want to play!
  16. Iseng Warlord

    signed up
  17. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Oh it's a set date, count me in! April 6th!
  18. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Was watching some videos on their twitch, they are talking about the changes from the last alpha test until this first closed beta.

    "If you were in the previous tests, you are in the closed beta" I think the key I posted above was from my second email, so if anyone did use that key last test let me know and I will look out for emails for you as well. You earned unique titles or something for that alpha test.

    It sounds like anyone who applies for access gets in, and its from 4/6-4/20something
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  19. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    They ran some show matches this weekend with random youtubers and twitch people

    start of game
    25:00 (main focus)Titan sight locations active
    25:00 (mid focus)River king active (25% max health/25% ult charge) [some heroes only take 25% to ult may want to pass this to an ally]
    24:30 XP mob spawns
    24:15 buffs spawn (30% reduction to swap timer [stacks], both buffs are resource regen, one for active hero the other for nonactive hero)
    23:00 (main focus)side lane watcher towers spawn [mid lane rotates to biggest advantage to quickly take, you then either hard push or assist the other objective]
    23:00 Titan monolith middle(drops titan shard soloable if no enemies)
    23:00 Boss spawns (100 points) (team objective, contest always)
    20:00 King spawns (30 points) (team objective,used to give team wide buff) (fuck this mobs fear/knockback)
    After 5 minutes Titan Sights unlock
    After 5 minutes Titan Monolith Respawns
    (main focus) After 4 minutes 15 seconds side lane watcher towers respawn
    After 4 minutes 30 seconds buffs respawn
    First titan gets 10000 health shield as bonus
    From spectator we didn't see timers, in the alpha there were timers on the objectives so you could see the time until respawn.
    A titan spawns for your team every 100 points
    base side towers are super important to protect and destroy, they will fire on the titans that push into the base through the mid lane.
    changed to 5 titan shards needed to change into titan incarnate (more titan shards overall)
    All 3 games ended in base destruction just like last alpha, both teams did a very poor job taking down side lane towers so it will pry be 100% of matches ending in base destruction unless your teammates are learning the game.

    The previous tip post I made is still pretty accurate aside form some number changes.
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  20. Jbigg Jay Biguos

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