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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnaMotapoeia, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Hey! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Ashana from the Archeage chapter. You know, "Ashana plz". That one.

    I was wondering if any one of the elders could possibly change my name on here.
    For a long time (Four years) I had gone by AnaMotapoeia or Ana for short, online. And I had only chosen the name Ashana because it's short and Ana itself was taken on Archeage.

    If it is possible, I'd like to have my forums name changed to either
    AnaMotapoeia or Ana.

    Thanks to whomever reads this and decides to make a change. If not, thank you for reading and considering it anyway. :]

    ~ Ana
  2. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    PM Gaun or Perilx. I'd suggest Hades but he'd probably end up dissolving the forums.
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  3. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

  4. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Also! Good to see you back on the forums! Even though I think it's incognito. Hope you're doing well Evo!
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  5. Cedwyn Banned

    How do you even say that?

    Don't PM PerilX, he might change it to something stupid like AnaMotapoeia or Ana.
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  6. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Lol you say it like "On a" or example "On a boat"
  7. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Don't you have me on FB still? I'm doing well thanks
  8. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Yeah, I do but I meant it's good to see you on here!
  9. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    I do lurk now and then
  10. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    We'll get you taken care of @Ashana
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  11. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Change your name to Valor? Got it, on it right now!
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  12. Gedwyn A more canadian Cedwyn

    It's only creepy if you get caught.
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  13. Pookee Lord

    Should have chose Ana, I see they gave you the troll version >.<

    I asked for my name to be changed as well, but I wound up talking to Peril. I stopped asking...
  14. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    This is the username I've been using for years. Not my fault if you can't spell it. :p

    ... Okay maybe it totally is my fault... but that's not the issue here!

    I'm happy anyway
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  15. Cedwyn Banned

    Can I get my name changed to Ashana?
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