Neverwinter 60 Day Update

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    They Keep Rollin in...

    Don't you wish you looked as cool as my rogue?

    At 60 days in Neverwinter LotD is still going strong. We've beefed up recruiting and have also noticed quite a few Lords and Chapter Members from games as far back as Shadowbane gaming with us in Neverwinter. While we're glad to see old faces, our aim is to continue to build a strong group of core members. In Leshil's words... "We are currently making a push to create a very active roster that will provide members a core group of people to run Dungeons with, do PvP and the future big content that Cryptic has in store."

    Neverwinter has turned out to be a pretty perfect "interim" game. The combat system is fast paced and dynamic, and the pvp is loads of fun. We're now starting to explore Gauntlgrym and how to best control 20v20 PvP scenarios. Moreover, we're looking forward to Module 1's upcoming release in the coming weeks.

    If you haven't given Neverwinter a shot and are looking for a great game to hop into no strings attached, give this a shot (unless your Anwedie - we don't want you).

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  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher


    No but really, this game looks like a lot of fun!
  3. Leshil Warlord

    The game is fun and perfect for either a side game or only game; It can be very casual and lots of fun, or more involved if one desires. Lots of new names the last few weeks. Module 1 with new content due out soon! Come check the game out, it can be 100% free.
  4. Wuylith Member

    Aye this game is a nice time killer and doesn't feel like you need to play hours on end to be competitive.
  5. Dogmatic Banned

    I'm waiting for it to be winter. But damn, it's Neverwinter, folks...
  6. Har Har Har... I wouldn't mind some cold....its been damn hot here...
  7. Leshil Warlord

    New module/content August 22. Good time to play the game! Free.
  8. Tabaal Lord

    What server?
  9. sodok New Member

    We are on Dragon :)

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