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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Soth, May 6, 2013.

  1. Soth Administrator

    LotD goes official in Neverwinter Online - DRAGON server



    LotD is now official in Neverwinter Online! This chapter is dedicated to being a casual chapter that membership can toy around with in-between our more serious chapters. You can come and go as you please with no restrictions – there is no ROI in this chapter. We're not tracking your game time, there are no donations needed - we're in this game just to have a laid-back game to play in-between our more hardcore chapters. And the game also happens to be A LOT of fun to boot.

    This game is FREE, so download it and see if you like it. The vast majority of people who have played it have LOVED the fresh combat and well-done environments. Give it a try, and come join our experiment into casual chapters.

    There is no app form to fill out. If you've gamed with us in the past come find us in teamspeak and we'll get you set up. We're on the Dragon server.

    Sponsor: Valus
    GM: Soth

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  2. Might as well give this a try, despite my GW2 responsibilities. Hopefully it's not too demanding on a computer, but I'll figure that part out later.
  3. Leshil Warlord

    It's actually a lot of fun. Give it a try.
  4. Sanjo had me download this the other night. I've been able to log about 10 minutes so far, which got me through the tutorial, and to the first newbie city I believe it was. :D
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Keep us updated on how that game goes. If I get some time this summer I may pick up a title for some casual play.
  6. thorizdin Administrator

    Its pretty good, especially if you're like me where you don't mind throwing a little RL cash at them to make up for a lack of time.
  7. EvilCiD Member

    I agree, this game is worth checking out. I have a cleric up to level 17 and so far it's been holding my interest. Questing / leveling seems to be fun, but not sure how endgame will be. I like how it gives you a line to follow for quest, which allows for more playing and less wasting time to figure out where your suppose to go. One downside to the game is that it's using up my free time instead of Guild Wars 2.

    I'm also on Dragon server.
  8. Soth Administrator

    Jump into the teamspeak channel if you're playing and ask for a guild invite. most of us have the invite to guild ability.

    Will make it easier for finding non-pug dungeon groups later
  9. Mange Lord

    I just hit 60 on Netu a couple of days ago, mostly thanks to the foundry quest "Best EU EXP v.2" which has gotten nerfed into the ground as it got me from 48-60 in 5 hours. While I had a friend leeching XP.

    Got a gear rating for 8.3k after buying 2 pvp pieces and getting some from dungeon.

    If you want more bags you need to do the area quests and complete the entire area, not sure which places exactly give bags but I recall a level 20ish undead area in a cemetery giving me a quest to get a bag.

    Also keep in mind to use your PERSONAL bank you have to interact with the Bank Teller window near the guild bank. I didn't realize that until level 60.

    The game costs money to respec so plan your build ahead, I had someone get anal on me for not having a certain move which doesn't bother me just warning everyone in advance.

    Astral Diamonds are the primary currency you want to aim for, make sure to level leadership even if you aren't crafting as you eventually get free Astral Diamonds but the real effecient way to make Astral diamonds is running dungeons and selling gear you don't need and shards for enhancements. If you get lucky with a nightmare box and get a nightmare mount they sell on the AH for 1 million AD.

    Good luck and see yall in game, I'm playing with a hand full of friends but will most likely link up with the guild here soon.
  10. I think it's a lot of fun, though I am so busy over the next 3 weeks, its tough to get time in. When I do, it's worth it and refreshing!
  11. EvilCiD Member

    Anyone have good to know basic tips or recommendations?

    Such as:
    1.) Best way to gain xp / level (foundry vs quest vs pvp vs dungeons etc)
    2.) Selling items to vendor vs auction
    3.)any items etc to buy first, such as a mount (for those of us who have not paid anything)

    One thing I noticed was don't use that exit to last map (or what ever it's called) during a foundry (I was unable to get back into it to finish).

    I also assumed that they would reset characters since it was a "open beta", but just found out they are not resetting.
  12. thorizdin Administrator

    1) Questing & PvP (foundry was nerfed badly recently)
    2) I mostly vendor, but good blues and better can be auctioned for decent amounts of AD.
    3) I bought the founders pack, so I can't answer this one.
  13. Valus Administrator

    As more members hit 60 we'll start some coordination around the T1 and T2 dungeons. Hopefully they'll get some more structured pvp in place but I can see us starting in on arenas shortly as well if there's an interest.
  14. Leshil Warlord

    Should have 20v20 implemented soon I think.
  15. Yearn Lord

    Really enjoying it thus far!
  16. Lake Warlord

    when i get back looks like ill download it to play during free time.

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