Neverwinter Update- Fury Of The Feywild

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    When you were younger, did you ever play Dungeons and Dragons? I did, it was my real first experience gaming with scary monsters, intense combat, killer loot and deciding if my party was going to live or die.

    Neverwinter has lots of these fun things within it, sure its not on a piece of paper and your not throwing dice across the table but it keeps me coming back for more each day.

    Fury Of the Feywild is rolling out in 24 hours, and I cant wait to sink my teeth into some new content, if you have not taken a few minutes to check out the game you can watch one of Cryptics videos here>

    When Lotd started NW back in closed beta, everyone was really excited about the combat in game, its really exciting, and keeps you wanting to smash face as much as possible. Since then, we have recruited hundreds of people, to put together some real strong groups that crush end game content on a daily basis. We continue to pick up quality players, and continue the LOTD way of doing things. This game is not the same old crap.

    We are pushing the limits on End Game content, the notorious "Castle Never", its an awesome dungeon, and extremely difficult if your not with the right team.

    My thoughts about the game as a whole- Ill be 100% up front with you, yes cryptic has ticked me off more than once, and yes they have screwed up on lots of things in game, but I think most of it is the pressure of getting a title out these days, at the very least its not some crap game like GW2. Your not going to see any tab targeting here, and if you have some money to dump into it you certainly can to satisfy your inner desires.

    We are very excited about the new content rolling out, and are looking forward to every single bit.

    If you are looking for something else to play, or wanting a new title to conquer; then jump in and check it out, I'm sure you will enjoy the coolness of it all. 3rdFey.jpg

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