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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. koto Lord

    Have another go but on that one my suggestion would be to make the writing a bit brighter.
  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher


    lighter font
  3. koto Lord

    better imo
  4. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    looks pretty good, maybe the red in the background as the color on the site red theme?
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    i could always give ya a background sample.... but that will increase the page download time
  6. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    i dont want it to change i just want it to match the red theme
  7. Valor Buffalo Rancher


    apparently I made this at some point one night and forgot that i did... so heres another banner
  8. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Ok what's going on with our Warhammer sig. This thread died off or got derailed.
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  10. Jin Member

    Had to format my desktop, lost the .psd doing so (I didn't have any flash drives or anything to save files on). Finals then hit shortly after. Just no time, and won't have time for another week. :-\. Just terrible timing of everything.
  11. So whats the deal with the new LotD banner? Was this just abandoned?
  12. Jin Member

    Pretty much. Unless Valor has something. I don't have any time to play games or redo the banner.
  13. DaeuOmni Guest

    I created a banner for laughs.

    Here it is.

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  14. koto Lord

    lol i like it deauomni
  15. DaeuOmni Guest

    Hah, Thanks. Tis a testiment to how bored I was last night.

    I'm going to make it my sig.

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