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    So you've decided to give a whack at the game that Diablo 3 should have been. Moreover, its 150% free to play. Any microtransactions in the game are almost entirely cosmetic and don't affect gameplay at all. There's no real commitment so give it a try.

    LotD Characters Playing the Game

    My suggestion is to start in default league but don't get attached to the character. The game is far more fulfilling, challenging, and competitive if you are playing hardcore and races. Understand that this game isn't neccesarily just about leveling up a single character. While it may take you a day or two to hit 20 on your first character, when you get into racing, you can very easily do it in 2 hours.

    Checkout a build site. Soth has posted a good one below. While you certainly don't need to follow a specific build with the massive skilltree that is PoE, at least loosely following one to start off will make you more successful with less rework.

    There is a racing season currently underway. You can see the events schedule here:

    Finally, we've got a TS3 channel in unofficial games. Stop by to play with us or get more information on the game.

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