Nice Voidray Charge-up Strat

Discussion in 'Protoss Discussion' started by Cedwyn, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Cedwyn Banned

    Saw this and thought you protoss players might like this. Near the end of the match, MakaPrime builds a pylon next to the terrain base so his voidrays could charge up on the pylon while it is building, and once they got their charge, he cancelled the building (the commentator incorrectly stated that the voidrays killed the pylon). So basically, you pay 25 minerals to charge your voidrays in the battlefield.
  2. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    That he will charge up on high shield buildings in his own base while on defense.

    When the Terran army falls back, he maintains his full charge by attacking his zealot for a split second.

    One voidray can charge on One pylon if you attack immediately after creation, if you wait till the pylon is just before half way done warping in 2 voidrays can charge off of one pylon, with time before the pylon dies and time before the pylon finishes building.

    If you get a large army of voidrays think about using a Nexus to charge up, In my little test a half way built nexus can charged up 9 void rays, giving me a lot of time for a cancel resulting in it costing 100 minerals. I'm sure you could do some more voidrays if you let the nexus get to 3/4 or more done.
  3. Furyos Warlord

    Prepare for incoming nerf once they figure out how to code it.

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