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  1. Isy Lord

    Obama wins...? What are your thoughts?
  2. Mordaloch New Member

    Has my support.

    Had my support when he ran for Senator since i live in IL.

    I think this will be a good change lets hope he stacks up to the big task ahead.
  3. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    It's about time Americans did the right thing...

    I think even you doubters and racists will be pleasantly surprised with President Obama.

    On a side note, I just watched John McCain's concession speech. The man was a complete class act and was gracious in defeat. Aside from some asshats in his crowd, I was impressed with how they behaved. Hopefully we can take this opportunity to move forward in a bi-partisan fashion.
  4. Ardus Member

    I still can't believe it honestly, I have wanted Obama to win all this time ... but just had my doubts you know? But what else is there to say but:

  5. Zebedee18 New Member

    Other than a few scary speeches on abortion, I'm fine with him.
  6. Scarab The Mechanic

    Obamas speech that followed was very very rousing. If he even holds up to half his ideals in that speech, he'll be a good President.
  7. FSBulldog New Member

    WTF does that mean?

    All these freedoms, this standard of living, being the world's only superpower, controlling the majority of the world's oil...shit, we've been doing it all wrong!
  8. Kotoll Lord

    I agree it is about time. Sadly we haven't had much to choose from. Borric is right but again what other choices did we have.

    Looking forward to the next four years.
  9. LaMagra Lord

    Heh. Personally I think its all the same at the end of the day. Which is why I don't vote. Everyone has their favorites I guess but when push comes to shove, they all do stuff we don't like right along with the stuff we do. Me personally, no matter who is President or what decisions they do or don't make, my life isn't going to change much day to day. Yay life.
  10. Kotoll Lord

    Well to be honest I would have been happy with either one. Only reason I didn't vote for McCain was his vice pic. Her being president would have been bad.

    Im just glad this wasn't like the last election where you just didn't want to vote because both were horrible.
  11. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Guys, I am kind of a cynic when it comes to politics but I fear that Obama will have some very rough years ahead of him if he does not pick a QUALIFIED cabinet and a solid supporting cast.

    If he lets the party or the clintons dictate what he does, then you will see 8 years of the opposite of Bush... which too much of one thing is never good.

    I just hope to god that all the racist idiots in the south(not all southerners, but the racist idiot ones) don't try to do something stupid. If a JFK happens again, expect a country wide riot.... and a LOT of bad shit to go down.

    Anyways, I will let him prove to me that he can do the job and I will support him until he gives me reason not to.

    GG Obama.

    **BTW, I would have voted for McCain had he not appointed the hot chick as VP.
  12. Torric Lord

    Its an amazing day. I just got off the phone with a black friend of mine, and I could hear something different in his voice. I wanted to say so much to him, to apologize for all the hate he's experienced in his life, to tell him how much I care about him. You know.. all the corny stuff you say when something moving happens. I didn't, it would have been selfish of me to lay my guilt on him at this moment. So we celebrated, laughed, and cheered with the millions of other americans. I know I'm not alone in feeling guilty about some of the darker moments in our country's history. But today we have hope for change, and today the world has changed. I wish this day would never end. But tomorrow when we all wake up and go on with our lives, we will all have to face the hate again.

    Will it be different? I honestly do not know. I know the responisibilty lies in each and everyone of us to try. Barack is only the start. He's the Jackie Robinson of baseball. It's going to take some time. But without stepping a single foot in the White house, he's already made our future generation's lives better.

    Anyways.. I know I'm ranting. But I'm extremely proud to be an American right now.
  13. Witacume Lord of the Scrubs

    they were both terrible. last time around lols.
    As for the whole black thing get over it.
    He's black so?
    who cares? (rhetoric question as a lot of people do care which is sad.)
    i voted for him because I thought he was the better candidate hopefully he can live up to the expectations the american people have for him.
  14. Tabaal Lord

    A great man once said "I have a dream" - tonight that dream became reality - I congratulate you America.
  15. Scarab The Mechanic

    ROFL.... yeah whatever... US is not the only superpower... and we're far from controlling the worlds oil, but we sure do buy alot of it

    Its really funny to see someone with that short sighted small scoped view of the world as a whole. Get your world news from the Sunday comics?
  16. Welly Inactive Elder

    Personally, I really don't think it matters who won, not alot is going to change. Candidates say alot of things to try to win the votes of people on both sides, and maybe I'm an optimist, but I really think that most of the time they believe in what they are saying. But they are talking from the perspective of a candidate, who doesn't have all of the information. As soon as you sit in that chair and the presidential briefings start and you see the bigger picture, I really don't think alot will change. Additionally, not much will change foreign policy wise until we get the people out of the State Department that are still living under the conception that the US is the only superpower, and goes to negotiations with a list of demands, unwilling to compromise, instead of a list of things they want and a list of things they are willing to give to get it. I have sat in on too many negotiations like that, and being the person who has to interpret those demands to the other side, it's a little embarrassing.

    If you watched the debates and listened to what both candidates had to say, fundamentally, they weren't that different from one another. Sadly, I don't know that most Americans voted for the candidate that they felt was the best man for the job, but voted to make history. And while I do agree that it's a great day in America when we finally are able to elect an African American to the White House, the racial divide will never be conquered until we no longer say things like "first black American President", or "first Latino cabinet member" and so on. In my opinion, by continuing to point out the divide, the media does the entire country a disservice.

    Anyhow, congratulations to those of you that voted Obama. I continue my boycott of the voting process until they give me a candidate that actually talks about issues that mean something instead of continuing to lull the people to sleep with alot of talk about nothing.
  17. Pwning Lord

    Grats to Obama, that is all.
  18. Pwning Lord

    Blacks could vote before women, only makes sense that a black man would make history as president before a woman, history repeats itself, people are so poor these days that they are buying hope on discount and Obama had a better price and a fancier advertisement. I will "hope" just like everyone else that things "change" and things get better for all people under an Obama Presidency.
  19. Kotoll Lord

    I went out with a black friend of mine and rolled a police car over....in celebration ofcourse. And just to think a few years ago I wouldn't have even ben invited. Yes we can!
  20. Yearn Lord

    Let me start by saying that growing up in a diversified city, being half Mexican and half White (French-Canadian and Irish), my perceptions of my own racial identity tend to be a bit blurry at times- I have a hard time seeing how anything can be attributed to solely race, instead of a general human tendency. But even so, I’m curious to know whether you personally feel guilty or somehow accountable for the mistakes of the past, or simply feel guilty on behalf of America as a whole. I hope it’s not the former, as there’s no reason why someone should feel guilty for the actions of people living centuries ago as if they were in any way responsible. In the same vein, why should a Black person feel entitled to any kind of reparation from society or justify to themselves the right to harbor the same sort of fear or hatred that slave-traders/owners spread held for the first African-Americans? Personally, the Whites always considered me Latin and the Latins always considered me White; in a way I can relate to the way your friend must feel as far as being constantly judged (or prejudiced against) for something beyond his control. But when it comes down to it, the fact of the matter is that there are alot of bigoted people of every ethnicity and whatever excuses they use to justify to themselves the validity of being a racist are null. Whites are also often victims of stereotypes and racial hatred... I don’t see why you ought to feel guilty for something you and I, our black friends, or several generations back on either side never experienced first-hand.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy to see someone of a non-Caucasian background finally inaugurated into such a position of power/responsibility as, like you said, it marks another step toward not only equality as far as the law is concerned, but actual social equality in practice, as seen by the minds of the populous. I’d just like to point out that people of every race do experience similar harmful biases. Regardless of ethnicity, a percentage of the general masses are hateful and ignorant. In my opinion, none of us should feel personally responsible for the inequities of our forefathers, nor resentful of others due to the actions of their predecessors... Such things stifle progress toward true equality.
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