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  1. Laaritan New Member

    I usually just keep quiet and dont get into the politic thing but I am concerned. Did the muslim terrorist not say they plan on destroying america from the inside out? What is Barack Hussein Obama? He grew up a MUSLIM, had a radical muslim father from kenya(the terrorist type) and an atheist white mother! His mother then married another muslim in which he lived with and went to a muslim school. Also when he was sworn into office he refused to use the bible he used the kuran ( muslim bible but way different believe). Am I just paranoid or what?
  2. Ivan New Member

    I knew it was only a matter of time before the personal attacks kicked in. Pretty typical.

    Sad part is I understand your point of view and have no problem respecting it. That is what my education taught me. I'm sorry yours didn't go as well.

    I can see why people don't like Palin. She is pretty conservative on divisive issues. I can see why you think Reagan was a gaffe machine, although I have no idea how to try to compare him to Biden. I understand why there are people who don't want religion associated with our political system. I just don't agree with it. I don't think our founding fathers put God into our constitution with the intent of it having no meaning or guidance and having it removed later. It must have been the minority that snuck that in there. I mean throwing god in there must have just been some frivolous gesture.

    You are putting the cart before the horse with your independent voter point. No one is saying that moderate voters are not important. I'm not quite sure how you surmised that as I never said or implied that anywhere. What I did state is that moderate vote alone WILL NOT get you nominated or elected. The same way the core vote alone will not get you nominated or elected.

    Maybe you should take a breath, unclench your fists, and stop grinding your teeth before you post.
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    This thread has run it's course and all the discussion has been had.

    Who gets the last word is not the point, we have all given our opinions and to each their own.

    I am closing the thread unless an Elder(full forum moderator) feels the need to respond again.

    Politics/religion and gaming do not mix.
  4. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    I opened it back up. I think that debate is a healthy thing. What I don't like seeing is ad hominem attacks towards other posters. People have different views, and that's fine. It's fine to disagree with what people say, it's not cool to directly attack them.

    If people can talk about their views without attacking another poster, feel free to continue the discussion. If you can't, I'll be back to close it.
  5. dmnthia New Member

    I disagree here. America is its own worse threat and it's failed to realise that for the past decades. You've built your own enemies.

    The demise of every empire has always been willing to amass far too much power through oppression, eventually bringing everyone against them and losing everything it once had.
  6. Bugsii Member

    Hey what do you all think of Prop 8 in California?

    How about gun control?
  7. Tabaal Lord

    Actually the word "god" wasnt in the original constitution, that was added later on - so removing it wouldnt screw up the constitution that much...
  8. Pwning Lord

    Prop 8, 3 things.

    A, either remove the benefits from married couples, there is already a benefit being that there's two people making a life together, easier then being single, no reason it should be more beneficial via tax cuts etc. then allow homosexuals to get married.

    B, let homosexuals get married, but standby for people who love their pets to want to marry their pets, cause you know that would be the next step.

    C, Allow homosexuals to get married, as long as they don't start spreading ideas to kids in grade school that its ok for timmy and johnny to be have a closer then friend relationship, let these kids figure that shit out on their own when their older, stick to talking about safe sex and all the standard learning for sex education.

    Gun Control, so long as its registered and the individual is sane enough, i say let them own whatever they want, a lot of the bigger, scarier guns are for fun and recreation not murder or taking over the government. however i do frown upon owning explosives unless your a miner or licensed demolitionist. grenades and stuff might not be cool either but if i want to have a rifle or any gun that can be fired without being mounted it should be fine.
  9. Tabaal Lord

    Oh ya (this is going to get people riled up) - because the founding fathers did this, and that, doesnt mean that its a universal truth X hundred years later - thats the same mistake with Islam, that muslims have to abide by a book that hasnt changed the premises of living for the last many many many years.

    For instance - gun control - its in the constitution. Yes, youre absolutely correct, but there are also laws in there that tell you that eating geese in church on a sunday is also illegal - point being, when the nation was founded, every man owning a gun was important in regards to an impending attack on the nation - now how many of the people owning guns own them, because they believe that the communists will invade their private home tomorrow? Because that is the only "legit" reason for advocating against gun control if you use the constitution as a reference and argument - if you want to advocate for no gun control because you like to hunt, or want to shoot burglars, then fine - but dont use the constitution as an argument for this.
  10. Tabaal Lord

    C. Btw pwning, im a little bit surprized - since by that statement you seem quite liberal in your view on gay marriage - BUT, then you add the "dont start spreading ideas". Homosexuality is not a disease you get by listening to homosexuals - i mean if i started to advocate homosexuality to you, would you suddenly find Hades sexually attractive? (well, ya Hades perhaps - but most likely you fouldnt suddenly find a normal guy "sexy")
  11. Agaris New Member

    If you think Obama is part of a terrorist plan to destroy us from within, then I think that's paranoid. At worst, I think he only cares about himself and his own legacy.

    On California's Prop 8, I don't really care either way. It won't bother me if gays can marry, but I'm not going to argue for them to have that right.

    I'm against gun control for the most part. I think CCW permits should be available for all trained law-abiding citizens, and people should be able to buy pretty much whatever they want. On the other hand, I don't really see an issue with reasonable waiting periods or background checks.

    I don't care for the mix of religion and government, but spending time removing every reference to God is silly when there are better ways to use that time.
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Worse than a ban on gay marriage is what happened in Arkansas.

    They banned un-married couples from being able to adopt children. Of course they said "This applies to both gay and straight couples" yet straight couples can always get married, homosexuals cant.

    Total Bullshit.
  13. Darkmoon Banned

    well, when you come out of 8 years under the president who claims he talks to god, when you have amoung your "elite" ppl who belive in creationnism, i think you guys do need to spend some time on this issue.

    Personnaly, i don't care too much about the religious symbols (including hijab -- the muslim veil), but there needs to be a serious distance between religion and gov.

    about the gay issue...i have heard some comments from a couple of ppl that just proves to me its not worth discussing in here. comments that make you go "wow...that guy...he can't be serious, yet he is."

    Valor...wow...thats some serious BS.

    Btw...how many states still have anti-buttfuck laws ?

    ps : random scary numbers from polls we all love :
    According to a 2001 Gallup poll, about 45% of Americans believe that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so."
    Only 14% believe that "human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process."

    (ref : http://www.gallup.com/poll/14107/Th...e-Has-Supported-Darwins-Evolution-Theory.aspx)

    Personnaly i can never trust polls...i just can't belive that 45% of the States could be live that. i just (almost) can't.
  14. Tabaal Lord

    On the subject of gay couples adopting children, im a little bit biased, since i believe that a child has the right to have a mother and a father (divorced parents are still a mother and a father, even if theyre not togeather any more) - for a myriad of reasons that i wont bother going into here.
  15. Agaris New Member

    Things like removing references to god and religious symbols from anything government related isn't going to change what these people believe. Nobody is going to wake up one day, see that "In God We Trust" has been removed from our currency and say "OMG! Evolution must be true!" I see these references hanging around as an interesting part of our government's history. Sort of like the appendix.
  16. Darkmoon Banned

    the phrasing was "need to spend some time on the issue". you need a serious debate and if this debate might start with the issue of removing the symbols, so be it.

    (i kept reading a min on those stats i posted...heres another awesome one :
    Besides the United States the study also compared data from 32 European countries, Turkey, and Japan. The only country where acceptance of evolution was lower than in the United States was Turkey (25%) (chart here)
  17. Tabaal Lord

    It shouldnt have been put there in the first place hehe
  18. Detritus Lord

    I'd like to congratulate everyone here in remaining very civil. This is definitely the most mature political thread I've ever seen from LotD. Thanks Borric for unlocking it so that I may wade in here.

    Perhaps they won't be our enemies anymore? I don't see any reason they should be, and if they're in an upbeat mood about us maybe they won't either.

    You really don't watch TV, do you Thor? She already has novelty porn... Check your favorite torrent tracker for "Nailin Palin". It is goofy, the look alike looks less alike than Tina Fey, but it is good fun.

    This one was a great disappointment to me. The very first time I voted was for McCain in the 2000 primary and also to vote down the initial proposal to ban gay marriage in California. I still remember how devastating it was to discover that a majority of my people were still "ooked" out by me, even though growing up in California and being out (even in High School) was fine. I had always felt so excepted and everything seemed to be cool. Then when people get a chance to anonymously let everyone know how they feel it turned out all these people that seemed fine with me were just putting up a facade to be polite. It was such a gut punch.

    This Prop 8 actually makes me more angry than hurt. Especially looking at the electorate. 70% of Black Californians voted for Prop 8. So while in one check box they make history showing how far we've come from segregation, in another they impose a new "Separate but Equal" on another minority. This made me realize that no lessons were learned, nothing great is accomplished here in Obama's victory. Blacks are now "Tolerated", that is all. Now they can oppress the next guy; I guess it is still my turn. Fuck 70% of Black Californians.

    As for gun control, I completely oppose it. My husband (thanks Canada) and I shoot trap, so none of the laws really effect us (you wouldn't want to try to trap shoot with a sawed-off shotgun anyhow), but I just don't see any value in any limitation on gun rights. If you have a clean record and you want an Assault Rifle, I see no reason you should be assumed to be a criminal and prevented from owning one.

    I do, however, agree with waiting periods. It is annoying (I own several firearms and have had to do the varying waiting period for each) but if it saves lives from people who just need to cool down, then it is an inconvenience I am willing to put up with.
  19. Agaris New Member

    That's the problem with religion. You can't logically argue with someone when they blindly believe dogma no matter what.

    EDIT: There's a reason topics like "Vi vs. Emacs" are called holy wars. Both sides are convinced they are right and nothing can convince them otherwise.
  20. Detritus Lord

    I caught it from Internets. And yes, Hades is sexy.
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