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  1. Tabaal Lord

    So youre gay? will be interesting to see the reactions from people, now that there is actually someone in the conversation that is gay, and its not just "those other people".

    What i mean is that, if youre pro/con gay marriage, or adoption for that sake, you should be able to discuss in the same tone if there is a gay person in the discussion or not.

    Btw seeing as how 1 out of 10 males is statistically gay, and lotd has 1-200 members that are mostly male, we should have 9-19 more people in the closet so to speak.
  2. Tabaal Lord

    Youre just saying that cuz he has power, and a large e-peen.
  3. Jou Lord

    He has been out of the closet on being gay in the guild for a long time. Most of us don't care. We still call him a fag.
  4. Agaris New Member

    There were a couple of gay guys in my old WoW guild. They would get all bent out of shape if someone used the phrase "that's gay." Caused all kinds of drama with the end result of nothing offensive to anyone being allowed in chat, forums or vent. It's a big reason I'm no longer there.
  5. Scarab The Mechanic

    I'm not gay...
    ...but then again I consider two males having sex to be ok... as long as you don't kiss... if you kiss then its gay.
  6. Call me conservative, but Im pretty sure balls slapping against balls might put one in the gay category :p
  7. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Gay marriage:
    In Germany it got allowed recently, before that they went to Netherlands, worst case 400miles by car. "Gay sex is gross, sorry I just find it to be gross. Unless of course they're lesbians. I like lesbians." There's a lot of other stuff that's gross to me too but it's not up to me to judge or stop you from doing whatever you like as long as you're not hurting anybody. "If I don't like it, I don't like it, it don't mean that I'm hating." Well ok as a private person I may be hating on gay people sometimes, but as a citizen I'm fine with them. Meaning specifically that I'd openly make fun of them, the way I make fun of all other people who are not like me, but not vote against them behind closed doors.
    Gay couples don't get financial benefits here, straight couples do. I guess rather couples of any orientation who raise children should get benefits, while those who don't raise children shouldn't. Population in Germany is declining, we need incentives for people to raise children.

    We don't really have guns here. If you wanna have one legally you need a gun license, which pretty much nobody is bothering to get, and there's no real reason to have a gun here anyways. Those who got a gun illegally use them extremely rarely. It's more like "I know someone who knows someone who lives in a city where a few years ago a gunshot is rumored to have been fired." Gun violence is extremely rare here, if a shot is fired it's usually breaking news. The only guy I personally know who has a gun is a cop, and he doesn't take it home, it stays at work. The fact that in america you can easily get a gun, and even more that people actually do get one or more, is ridiculous, dangerous, and in no way comprehensible from our point of view.

    Ok lets see what we have in Germany [source wikipedia]:
    32.5% Atheists
    31.2% Catholics
    30.8% Protestants
    4% Muslims
    Everybody else is below 0.55%
    Religion is non-existent in our daily life here. The current pope is german, so what, he isn't much more than a celebrity to us. Most of those who are still listed for one of the two big christian branches are just people who got baptised as a child 50 years ago and didn't bother to leave yet.
    Since 1919 the state doesn't only have an obligation to be neutral, it doesn't even have the right to choose a religion it feels associated with (in contrast to the right of an individual to do so).
    We had sentences that caused crosses to be removed from classrooms. Nobody prays in public, if you do people are freaking out.
    The fact that you guys are so religious, even fanatic, and that large parts of your population reject science is beyond comprehension for us, it's especially hard to explain to our children.
  8. Bugsii Member

    Didn't know Germans are so concerned about Americans.
  9. Ivan New Member

    I'm not referring to the word "God". I am referring to the removal of all religious expression material in public, such as schools and government. One example would be the banning of religious shirts in schools. If a person wears a shirt into school that says "I love Christianity" how exactly is that intruding on the belief of others? I don't care if another person wears a shirt that says, "I love Islam". Just because their beliefs are different than mine doesn't mean that it offends me or infringes on my own beliefs. Hell I don't care if someone was to insert Allah or another deity when reciting the pledge of allegiance. That is their right to do so. Why is it always about offending or not offending instead of tolerance?
  10. the whole world is concerned with us, and rightly so. We fuck up our country and it starts affecting the rest of the world. Look at how our economy affected other nations. Thats part of the responsibility with being a super power.

    Also, Likort, from what I see, America really is not religious either. Religion does not have a part in regular life, but then again, I live in Massachusetts where no one goes to church and a dude can marry another dude. Mid western and southern states have a different culture than we do in the North East.
  11. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Oh we do have a special relationship to you guys. In WW2 you freed us from the Nazis, afterwards you saved at least West Germany from the Russians, you were doing the air bridge of Berlin when it was being isolated by them, David Hasselhof was doing Knight Rider, you reunited us in 1989, you can pretty much say we were fans. Not so much since Bush got elected (well ok in the 70s and 80s we already had issues with you being the world police and "the world according to reagan"), so after 9/11 a lot of people were like "they had it coming", Iraq war was just icing. We still got the posters, though. So yeah, we do care about you.

    Btw with Obama being president it'll be a lot harder for us to refuse to support you with military troops, because he isn't crazy, and he's likeable. Bush made it too easy to say lol no.
  12. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    hm well, we know there's quite a difference between the people at the coasts, and those at the countryside. we just see that you got those evangelists or whatever they are being called, mormons, scientology, whatever crazy fucks else you got (they are all sects here and don't get benefits for being accepted as a real religion). plus what somebody else already said, your politicians openly talk about being religious and sport some pretty crazy stuff in interviews. so maybe the public reception is a little bit exaggerated, but you got the issue that a lot of truth is behind it.

    btw when i got into lotd I was quite amazed how "normal" you guys were, the first months i was like "ok, so where do you hide the crazy americans? it's ok, you can tell me". but yeah i guess those aren't really into mmos. except for of course chupin, drakkul and a few examples who already posted in this thread.
  13. haha, yeah, I guess I really cant defend the way our politicians act. Not recognizing religion is probably more my preference and the environment I grew up in. After all, a religious state like Texas has a shit ton more people in it than my tiny state =)

    Also, Im glad we have some EU blokes here who dont just trash americans all day because we are easy targets. for the last 8 years (all of my adult life) americans have gotten very little respect from other countries (rightly so). maybe this is just because of the internet and our new ability to communicate regularly with other countires, but I have to say that it really sucks that people hate you immediately just because youre american...
  14. Agaris New Member

    Normal Americans don't get media coverage. Batshit crazy Americans make for better headlines.
  15. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    even worse, people hate non-americans just when they suspect they are american. in chile, people were frequently saying either "fuck you!" or "hello money!" when I was walking past them as they thought i was a US american. but that has not much to do with Bush but rather the CIA involvement in those countries, including the assassination of Salvador Allende and banning of cocoa leaves as a drug.
  16. Vanessa New Member

    I'd imagine that doesnt suck as bad as being black, or gay, (or any other perceived minority) in the 50s, 60s and even today in certain situations. I'd agree that we "have come a long" way as a nation, but we may also have a very long way still to go.
  17. thorizdin Administrator

    I take someone telling me "love it or leave" as a personal attack.

    See above.

    I'm personally not particularly worried about removing generic references to "god" though it's be a positive long term, it's probably not worth doing because the short term disruption would be extreme. I am very concerned about having people in high office that reject science and rational thinking in favor of religious dogma. Palin is problematic not because she is religious, but because she refuses to even examine (which is common among Evangelical Christians and other fundamentalist groups) the facts from an objective view. When someone in my family is ill I don't take them to a faith healer, I take them to a doctor. When we elect a leader I want someone who can think clearly and I most certainly don't want someone who follows the fundamentalist path, to the exclusion of rational thought, in any religion. As has already been said, our founding fathers were careful to not explicitly mention "god" or "God" in the constitution.

    It's never a problem as long as the person expressing his or her opinion isn't speaking from a position of government authority. A teacher wearing a shirt like this (at a public school) would be a problem, but a parent visiting the school would not be. As for the pledge, it was amended in the 50's after a long campaign by the Knights of Columbus.


    The time and the details are interesting in the context of this discussion.
  18. wow, dont know where that came from. I dont remember comparing being hated as an american to having to deal with racism in the 50s...you cant compare the two. My views can be automatically denied online because of where I was born, but I dont have fire hoses and dogs to deal with. My house wont be burned down and I wont be linched...
  19. jday Guest

    2 cents:

    One of the largest issues future president Obama will face is controlling the congress. If both the Speaker and Senate Majority leader decide they want something passed there is a very good chance it will happen.

    2 problems with this:

    1) the inability of the president to veto, if those proposed policies go against his beliefs or common sense; leaving only the judicial branch the power to overturn any legislation (granted some proposed policies have merit, but will need to be tempered by limiting how much *extra* stuff is added to any legislation; one of the biggest money-makers for congressional politicians is their ability to get specific monetary amounts added to legislation and sent back to their home states...all of them do it unfortunately!)

    2) As many have already stated on here, a majority of the voting population is moderate, however many congressional leaders are not (or they say they are then change); one group of people controlling the policies and legislation isn't all it's cracked up to be...the chance of vast gaps between "parties" might be amplified (I don't expect it to be but it's certainly possible)

    Last, I wholeheartedly agree with Valor about eliminating the party system and moving towards a merit-based election system, unfortunately the implementation of such a system would be hard to initiate, expecially as ingrained as most people are with the 2-3 party system.

    Caveat: I personally would enjoy seeing "career politicians" go away. If anyone has read Tom Clancy you might remember the book where all of the Congress and Executive leadership is killed, forcing Jack Ryan into the presidency (Executive Orders I believe), anyways he tells the American peole not to elect career politicians, but instead send people to the Hill that don't really want to be there (firemen, police officer, doctors, housewives)...it reminds me of the firemen commercial where they are all using push to talk..."a lot of paper just to tell us we need clean water...do we need clean water? Yes? OK" (best line of the commercial)
  20. thorizdin Administrator

    This actually weighs on my mind quite a bit and I was completely serious when I said earlier that I don't want the Democrats to be unchallenged. When one of the parties has too much control it inevitably leads to excess.
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