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    Aww, that's cute. But seriously, if those are the best proposals in a state with that many taxes already and that huge of a deficit, maybe it's time to take a step back and re-think the government's role? And look at how other developed nations do some of this stuff, like schools?
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    Why are you trying to confuse us with all of this? Only sheep use facts and financial figures to fix that thar' deficit thing.

    Here's what we should do:

    • Throw all bleeding heart liberals, queers, and people with funny last names in a Gulag system to raise money through their work.
    • Make it a sink or swim state where you need to kick ass to survive.
    • Nuke everything south of the border to solve illegal immigration. While we're at it, nuke LA and San Francisco, too.
    • Ban all banks. They're more trouble than they're worth.
    • Ban all scientific research. We all know the earth is 6000 years old, so why keep asking if it's older?
    • Cut back 75% of the government and give back taxes to all hard-workin' Americans. This will fix any budget problems.

    Actually, in all honesty, this is what I would do:


    Some of the cuts are honestly very painful, but the least negative of outcome for cuts. I should explain that I left a 2 billion dollar deficit, but there is a reason. There is currently a push to tax and regulate marijuana, and this would net out to, at the very least, 2 billion in positive annual cash flow for the state. Obviously, some of this would need to go into drug treatment programs to have it pass, and that is fine. However, it would also have few negative and many positive consequences, such as the weakening of Mexican drug gangs and slim down the frightenly large prison bureaucracy the USA has compared to other developed nations. I think it's time that Americans truly realize how failed the "Wars on Drugs" policy has been on this nation and the rest of the world. Not to mention that it's the biggest cash crop in the state, even bigger than grapes.
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    Hey Von,

    How about we round up all the illegals, force them to build a great border wall, kick them out after its complete, pull back our troops from other countries and issue a kill on sight order for the borders. After that, we grant all people in the US with a ssn (illegals included), make them all citizens and force them to pay hospital bills and taxes etc. From that point we allow a 4 year limit on all welfare programs and institute a chain of training schools to teach people how to do all sorts of jobs and allow them to pay back the tuition with their new jobs.

    Repeal Affirmative Action and all associations who support or single out any group of people based on gender, race, or sexual orientation. Approve gay marriage, approve poligomy marriage. Free all the prisoners and give them a clean slate, introduce a new penal system like in Turkey(shoplifter lose their hands, drunk drivers get the death penalty etc.)

    Just some thoughts, what you think?
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    WTF IS THIS THREAD holy shitburgers.
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    It started out well then descended into mockery as Pwning got mocked and is now mocking in return.

    At least, I really hope Pwning's last post was just mockery and nothing serious.
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