One month in Neverwinter Online

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    30 Day Chapter Update on Neverwinter

    Neverwinter, LotD's first casual chapter has been a great addition so far, and we are going strong. We have slowly been growing since release, and it is common to see more than 15 guildies online during prime time.

    One of the real surprises for most of us has been the PvP in Neverwinter. I don't think any of us had very high expectations of how this would play out, but with the fast paced combat system in Neverwinter, the PvP matches are fun, skill based, and dynamic. I strongly recommend that you give this a go if you haven't yet, and like some of our chapter participants have discovered, you can level exclusively in PvP should you choose to.

    We recently held our first scheduled pvp event, and everyone who attended had a blast. We'll be looking to schedule pvp nights regularly, and imo arena pvp is Neverwinter's strongest feature currently. We'll be looking to build out a better PvP practice as we prepare for 20v20 PvP raids in the near future.

    Speaking of features, the Module One expansion is scheduled to be released within a few weeks. Things they are planning to include:

    20 vs 20 PvP encounter
    PvE Raids
    A new ranged class (Likely Ranger or Warlock)
    New Paragon paths

    So there is a lot to look forward to just around the corner. Thanks to all who have joined in so far in making this chapter run smoothly and we are looking forward to more fun in this game in the future.

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