Order Sieges Destruction Capital City On Azazel

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    For many months the RVR status on the Azazel Server was a stalemate between Order and Destruction, and neither side could gain an advantage. Several times Destruction simply flooded the zones with lowbies in an attempt to crash the zone because they couldn't stop us any other way. Finally Mythic made some changes so that couldn't happen anymore, and created a population cap in a fortress zone for both attackers and defenders. The result was that fortress zones became more stable, and the cream of the crop from each Realm had a chance to shine. Our star shined brighter last night, and we worked with other leading Order guilds to push right on into Inevitable City!!
    Since it was our first time there, many of the guilds focused on exploring the zone and gearing up in the city invasion PQ's. There was fighting here and there along with some scenario pops, but overall we probably won't push the invasion to Stage 2 for several more attempts until we're geared out. Unfortunately Warhammer is somewhat gear dependent, and if we pushed to Stage 2 invasions too soon we'd all get 1 shotted.

    PVE Updates

    LotD wasn't the first on the server to do it, but we did clear all PVE content the game has to offer. We have several teams in various stages of Lost Vale (LV) progression in addition to the ones that completely cleared the zones. Except for the Capital City Invasions, we have good guides on all PVE related content. So congrats to those members who slaved away to clear that shit.

    Server Standings:

    We are nearly Guild Rank 28 now, and doing well on guild rank progression. We certainly want to be one of the first guilds to Guild Rank 40, and see our banner hanging in the Order Capital City of Aldtorf. We are still holding on to our #3 spot for most renown on the server, but some much larger guilds are starting to catch up. Even so, we should be in the Top 10 for most renown for quite some time.

    Guild Membership Updates
    While LotD has 130+ characters, many of them are ALT's sprinkled throughout the tiers for use in PVP/PVE situations. In reality we're about 75 active players, and most of the week we can field a balanced Warband. For planned events we can generally field more than that, and overall we have good guild participation. ​
    We will continue to recruit all levels and classes, and we can always find a home for talented players. Drop by our Warhammer forums to apply if you are looking for a quality guild.

    Looking Ahead
    Looking ahead we plan to schedule more organized PVP events with our alliance, we hope to see Inevitable City more often, and look forward to doing well in Warhammer for quite a while. We certainly appreciate the contributions by current and former members, along with our leadership team for helping LotD-Warhammer be a success for the guild!!​

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