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Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Sanjo, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    In an attempt to help organize our OW players we have taken a survey and set up the 4 highest voted days for team play.
    If you're available any of these nights you can log in and expect to get into a group.


    Monday Evening - 8pm EST till...
    Wednesday Evening - 8pm EST till...
    Friday Evening - 8pm EST till...
    Saturday Evening - 8pm EST till...

    Please note that these are rough 'start times' do not expect people to be on at 8 on the dot. The games will go until we decide to call it a night. We have @Furyos who is a PST player and will be helping to organize things when PST is in full primetime swing. We plan to support as much of the evening as possible - and to get as many groups rolling as we can.

    Fun is the name of the game for these nights folks. We will shift towards a more competitive atmosphere when there's enough interest shortly. We already have a few teams playing and now that competitive mode is in the game and I expect to see more teams forming.
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