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  1. Kase Jordan New Member

    Page right here routed away desirable stretch nicely can't complain he is in SLO you it's which in Chile there now stay right here and block athletic greens cell your way and one Lee with the opposite the ground right here you do not plenty he enjoyed it cast and switch high-quality fluid movement faculty few seconds on each him here lucent he up currency all over you so a baby's pose your list your shoulders lose you
  2. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Enjoy banana football smoothies. Time sandwich machine gun. Do you like turtles?

    Careful talk baby make @Cedwyn go heating pad.

    Seabiscuit lollipop.

    (gotta love bots)
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    ~*~ 100 GOLD $24.95 ZIMBABWE ~*~
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Yeah but careful @Soth doesn't repost the bots link in another thread as a way to get into Black Desert Closed Beta....
  5. Zombawbwe is so 2012. The new scheme is to get people to convert money to Syrian currency.

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