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  1. I have been wanting to play this for a while since I haven't had the chance to get into Overwatch So I figured I would try it out. After some people on Twitter have recommended it over Overwatch I decided to pick it up. Post your names in the thread and I will add them as we get them.

    Calebreth - Calebreth
    Lakez - Lakez
    JBigg - JBigg
    Isy - Legacy
    Eltopo - Eltopo
    Lightdark - Lightdark
    Palebrew - Palebrew
    JBiggs Bro - Taint
    Iseng - Iseng
    Cedwyn - Cedwyn
    Tordana - Tordana
    Sarge - MadCyric
    Glyph - Glyphrid
    Dainjre - dainjre
    Guilford - Guilford
    D4nn1e - D4nn1e
    DeaTH BlooM - DeaTHBlooM
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  2. Ticonz Destiny 2

    Hey Cal! <3

    I might start playing Paladins when my friend throws me a beta invite later tonight. Luckily... I got into the Overwatch stress test today so I will most likely be playing that in the spare time I have this weekend. Have you seen Fortnite at all? I might be able to throw you an alpha key to that in the near future if you are interested. I gave away my last key to it last night but they are pretty good about throwing us new ones on the regular. Check out the videos for the game and let me know.
  3. I actually just got my Overwatch email 3 seconds ago :/ lol at least I can actually do a proper comparison for the site.
  4. Ticonz Destiny 2

    Lets play tomorrow! <3 Thaikhan#1753
  5. El Topo Lord

    Eltopo. OMG u got into Overwatch, I'm so jelly right now.
  6. Lake Warlord

    IGN: Lakez

    The game is pretty awesome so far. They did some serious balancing with the patch today.
  7. Iseng Warlord

    IGN: Iseng
  8. Cedwyn Banned

  9. tordana Active Member

    IGN: Tordana. Level 12 at the moment.
  10. dainjre Member

    Ign: dainjre
  11. Glyph Forum Failure

  12. Sarge Lord

  13. Guilford Warlord

  14. D4nn1e New Member

  15. DeaTH BlooM New Member

  16. zilch Member

  17. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

  18. Gwhorg Destiny 2


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