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  1. El Topo Lord

    Epic Games guys behind the Unreal Series have a new FPS/MOBA called Paragon. This continues the tread of gaming developers following the money. The announcement trailer almost uses the same music as the Battleborn announcement trailer. Anyway looks pretty solid, but with only 5 characters thus far they need to put in some work. Looks a lot like Destiny, which is another check box they wanted to hit I'm sure. The site also say something about unlocking cards, which is another check box.

    Sign-up for Beta HERE!

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  2. Mange Lord

    ARK, Fort Nite, and now this? They are looking to blow up next year.
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    No idea how the game will play out but the studio is definitely killing it with Ark development.
  4. El Topo Lord

    The game might be having its first test next week. If u signed-up for beta they sent u a e-mail to fill out some general info, which u have to submit before Sunday.
  5. Iceembaby Member

    • Free to Play.
    • Cross-Platform play between PS4 & PC.
    • Account Progression carries over between PS4 & PC.
    • 3rd Person Shooter.
    • Vertical Combat, Z Axis gameplay.
    • Vertical Terrain, lanes are High, Mid, Low. High overlooks Mid and Mid overlooks Low.
    • Map is shaped sorta like a bowl, spawn points and bases are on high ground.
    • Jungle is hidden between and beneath lanes, does not obstruct vision to other lanes. Is covered by a canopy.
    • Uses a card system which you build decks out of game and select a specific deck for that current match. Presumably you will kill minions & enemy players, earning some form of currency to then buy a card from your deck, upgrading/replacing cards along the way.
    • Gameplay Trailer was shot using gameplay footage from player perspective as well as the Replay System they intend to include as a major feature.
    • Cinematic trailer used in game assets, it was not all CGI using Unreal Engine 4 the graphics are amazing.
    Welcome to the world of Paragon! Take a look at Agora.
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    Epic Games' daring Paragon is here to reinvent the MOBA genre

    More @ the link above
  9. I will be playing this game, really looking forward to it. I love and play Smite every day. The idea of the third person moba is going to be big.
  10. Iseng Warlord

    I'll be on during the test tomorrow Cael hop on gamevox so we can hook up
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