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  1. Fucking people anger me, they have experience playing LoL and Dota and Hots and come to a 3rd person Moba and say its shit. Its a totally different game, I get it you are shit at it and got fucked on with out lube so you hate getting killed. Don't fucking play if you don't like it. It's not an easy top down piece of shit like the other shit you are god at. You actually have to have some skill to aim your abilities "skill shots" ring a fucking bell? Get some skill and get at me bitches. I hate people!
  2. Soth Administrator

    *passes Cale a brown paper bag*
  3. Iceembaby Member

    To be fair I don't really like Smite (Prefer DOTA/HOTS/LOL) but I love Paragon.

    One of the things I really dislike about Smite is many Gods get Ultimates that can travel into the air like Apollo or Thor or Nu Wah but you cant shoot them or do anything to them while they are there. I feel like Smite has too many of these abilities, I mean honestly whats the down side to these ults? The ability to go into the air and be invulnerable is godly enough if you ask me, its like a free Zhonyas or BKB.

    That said I'll stop right there because I'm not a Smite expert but I really like Paragon. In my opinion what I don't like about Smite is fixed in Paragon for the most part.
  4. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    and this is why I don't play mobas =p

    some poor schmuck has unleashed cales nerd rage.
  5. Ticonz Destiny 2

    LOL.. if this was me... I am just gonna laugh that one man's opinion just got Cal so worked up.

    Hey old man... just because a game has aimed "skill shots" doesn't necessarily mean it is good.. there are tons of different aspects to what makes a moba fun and balanced. You sir need to sit down and use inside voices.
  6. no some fucking tool box and his friend both made posts on the forums just talking about things "they thought" were wrong and how bad they did because of it. And they both kept just posting in each others threads trying to defend each other. Just makes me mad. Ticonz you dont like this game cause you suck, its cool.
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  7. Ticonz Destiny 2

    Hahahaha <3 you Cal!
  8. Still waiting
  9. Iceembaby Member

    I've read the reddit and forums. It does seem like people complain an awful lot, the creative director even came out and posted on reddit that Cards will be earned through playing the game and the game will not be PAY2WIN like some idiots assumed it would be yet that isn't enough for some people.

    "Wah wah wah, even tho its not P2W its still PLAY 2 WIN cause I can only play 20 mins a day and the hardcore players will earn ore cards than me this is unfair WAH WAH WAH your system sucks change it for me else I'm not playing your game , waaaaah waaah wahh."
  10. Iceembaby Member

    20k invites went out today, also Online Tests this weekend Sat and Sunday!

  11. My Body still waiting.
  12. Update tonight 2.3 gb's of patch waiting for you.
  13. where is everyone at today?
  14. Iceembaby Member

    I was so hyped for this game but I've played a fuck ton this weekend and the more I play the more I dislike it, it saddens me but I can't deny it.

    Most of the Heroes feel like shit, aside from a few which are all ranged the majority just suck in my opinion. Steel feels OP and the ADC's all feel pretty good other than that I dunno man.

    Nobody has good movement aside from Gideon. The melee heroes like Grux and Rampage their gap closers suck ass you're better off engaging with the god damn travel boost thing.

    Another thing I found weird, in most MOBA's ADC is really weak early on in Paragon ADC just feel strong all game long. Why does it feel like they have the best wave clear too. Turrets die too fast if left alone, minions push too hard if left alone.

    Ugh so much stuff just doesnt feel right.
  15. Ya I saw someones post yesterday that says why play this over Smite and made the greatest points. There is no reason to play this over Smite, the combat is just far to slow. The graphics are the only thing this has going for it currently. It's not fun to play if you don't have a group because there is no matchmaking in game yet. So you get matched up with noobs who have never played a Moba before and for some reason wanted to play this game and got into the alpha.

    My least liked part of the game is that you have to unlock the cards you need to play the characters to their full potential. I just hate that part of it. It gives people who play more the better chance to get cards, but in the end its all RNG if you get the cards you need to complete the 40 item deck. For instance, I need more attack speed on Sparrow, but I have only gotten cards that I already have or do not need.

    Also, playing Smite gives me a huge advantage over the competition. I have yet to play against someone that can grasp the entire game and what to do in different situations.

    The most fun I had playing so far was playing with our group because I didn't have to deal with shitters.
  16. Iceembaby Member

    For the game being played in 3D space it seems to lack many abilities that take advantage of this fact.

    The game needs Super Jump actives, Flash/Blink, Flying. Increased move speed for instance Mobility Boots/Out of Combat boots that combined with Travel Mode for a homeguard-esque/Super Speed boost. Along with in combat boots that actually work. Or perhaps just a Ghost-like active card.

    The Rampage Hero was hilariously slow without Travel Mode he looked like he was tippy toeing around the fucking map.

    * More movement options

    * Faster movement

    * More crowd control

    * Abilties that take advantage of the 3D space

    * Active Cards

    * A lot more interesting Hero kits

    * A better item system

    * Range increase on abilities (Auto Attacks are fine but abilities like Howitzer Q, Twinblast R, Rampage Q, ect need much longer range as well as Gap Closers)
  17. Iceembaby Member

    in OT4 they increased movement for every Hero in combat

    Another thing I didnt understand until recently is how many cards they actually have, apparently there are 4, 5 and up to 10 point cards that need to be unlocked such as actives and what not.
  18. Ren Elder

    I signed up as the potential looks pretty great. As a general rule I get bored of topdown mobas pretty quick, but the 3d combat could be killer (once they balance and polish).
  19. Lake Warlord

    If you're interested I know an account you could play on to try it out.
  20. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Don't fuck up the winrate. :/

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