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  1. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    anyone else testing?
  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    We had some folks testing it about a month ago.

    Honestly, for me, it doesn't provide anything new and I just don't see it becoming super popular.

    A lot of us are hoping on board the overwatch train.
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Game play gets pretty stagnate. They are on the path of new hero every 3 weeks now so changes will be more limited to the core game play. There is XP (for leveling your skills) and CARD XP (think of it like gold to buy Cards (items). Everyone in the immediate area gets 100% Card XP, so the game devolves into no laning phases but just large group fights/roaming, whoever wins the fight snowballs out of control as they get 100% x the amount of roaming players of card XP. Also there were huge balance issues as of 1 month ago.

    They put scaling limitations on characters severely limiting their builds , for example while marksmen may get 1.1 auto attack damage per damage bought, a mage character will get like .4 auto-attack damage. Other examples like this has the company defining exactly how a character should be played/built not the players deciding. Also Crit is the only late game scaling stat, there is no %Energy damage or anything to let mages keep up late game, also Penetration stops at zero instead of going negative, limiting the potential of Physical and Energy casters.

    Also you require RNG to get the cards you want. You will constantly have shittier decks than the people you are playing against if you have played for less time.
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  4. Ren Elder

    I played for a weekend and it didn't grab me - wanted to like it more but couldn't.
  5. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I have an extra access code if you want to try again
  6. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    i know have two codes.. playing with Fatal and a friend of his
  7. Iceembaby Member

    In another thread I ripped into Paragon because I truly disliked it. However my gaming PC is dead and I refuse to play games on my MacBook so my only option is my PS4.

    So I been playing Paragon on PS4 this past week, they have released quite a few new Heroes since I last played the gameplay is mostly the same HOWEVER on December 6th they are releasing a huge update with drastic changes to gameplay, including a new smaller map with offlanes and safelanes. Here are the patch notes

    * TwinBlast got reworked, most Heroes got reduced cooldowns on every ability, ability animations sped up
    * Travel Mode is removed, base movespeed increased, faster animations, faster gameplay.
    * New smaller map with offlanes and safelanes, backdoor protection.
    * Less health, more damage, Heroes die quicker, armor, health cards were nerfed.
    * Wards changed they no longer see through walls, fewer wards.
    * Harvesters were removed, card xp changes, new jungle camps

    Its pretty drastic and potentially a better game this patch hits December 6th

    You can see some of the changes in this TwinBlast Rework video
  8. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Nice, I'll have to make a point to hop back in and test out the changes, there were some definite design decision issues with the game but overall the mechanical game play of the characters was fun. And the 3D nature of the map and the map itself were great.
  9. Iceembaby Member

  10. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Oh god that trailer hurt to watch no information and just throwing buzzwords everywhere, still interested to check out the changes but I wish they would have stated them.

    Launches tomorrow at 9AM est
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  11. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I will be playing this tonight testing the new map
  12. Iceembaby Member

    The game is drastically different, its damage heavy focus now. All tank items have been nerfed, survivability is down, towers die faster.

    That said games tend to still go long if teams are capable of rotating because the map is smaller and move speed is up.
  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

  14. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I have Friend codes too if anyone wants to try it. Plays totally different now
  15. Iceembaby Member

    There is less roaming, the lanes are tiny now.

    Laning phase is pretty different too without travel mode.

    Lanes tend to push a lot harder.

    Everything dies faster, towers, heroes, base, minions.
  16. Earlj Inactive Chapter Member

    Anyone still playing Paragon?

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