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Discussion in 'Path of Exile' started by Valus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Valus Administrator

    If you're playing Path of Exile, throw a reply with a character name so we can get a friends list together. A few of us are on the North American Hardcore Server.

    Path of Exile Characters:

  2. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I have a few characters. What channel do you play in?
  3. Soth Administrator


    we play in unofficial games but i might make a POE channel tonight now that a few of us are playing
  4. Haiden Lord

    I take it you guys are really enjoying this? I may give it a shot if you guys really think its worth the time.
  5. Valus Administrator


    This is diablo with not quite the same polish but better gameplay and more finely tuned. Granted I haven't gotten to the endgame yet, but I'll bite for now.

    If you like D3 you'll like this.
  6. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I think my biggest play time will be the ladder races. They will host events solo/party 1h/2h/3h/4h 3day 1 week and so on with prizes for xp and progression. They just finished up running their first calibration run in the open beta with races... Once the race is over your character and all your items are moved to your parent league (Hardcore if you live, Default if you die).

    I don't think its a game where I will take a chracter to 80+ and run maps all day long grinding to 100, I just enjoy the races and trying out funky builds.
  7. Haiden Lord

    I am downloading it now, going to mess around with it some at least. Been playing age of wushu and while I do like it, its an Asian game and honestly, I am to old for that crap, at least when LotD isnt involved. Its a game I could get into with everyone around.

    Name is Haide
  8. Massium Lord


    lvl 10 Ranger - HC
  9. Soth Administrator

    Haiden, to help you get started:

    These are the two builds being used by the #1 and #2 hardcore players right now. they are both great, though the marauder is stronger earlier*:

    Here is a list of skill gems. Where you get them and when

    Currency exchange rates:

    * I think the guy using marauder died recently. Melee is more difficult for sure, and most top ladder players use ranged.
  10. Haiden Lord

    I started as a Marauder just to screw around some for tonight. I will likely reroll ranged tomorrow. Just trying to get a feel for the game.

    Thanks for all the info Soth but uh..sir..only one of the links work :D

    One other thing, just curious. Which of the ranged classes are better? I was thinking the ranger but im kinda interested in the witch.
  11. Soth Administrator


    As far as the witch goes, I don't know much about them as ranged chars. But here is a build for a summoner pet witch... Everyone says it is hard to make a witch work in end game tho
  12. Mange Lord

    Oenn - Level 28 Marauder ( Parked for 15-28 PVP)

    Tsatix - Level 5 Ranger (Just starting it out, plan on fire arrow/poison arrow DoTing)
  13. Tragedy Lord


    oO= the letter O

    Just started last night, will prolly reroll before playing hardcore.
  14. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    As for a class breakdown, you can pretty much make any class be anything if you have the gear to support it. Those of you starting out out wont't have this though.

    For beginners:
    pertaining to your witch discussion.
    Witch will have acess to few life nodes but is the best caster(for traditional builds) if that is all you want to do. Shadow and templar both make good casters, shadow lacking mana nodes and templar lacking spell dmg / projectile nodes close to their starting Skill trees.

    go to their website and take a look at the skill tree.

    Basically if you want to play a certain way look at the starting nodes on either side of your starting point and see which class will give the best 2 nodes of for you. You can easily go into another class's tree later and get one of their lines, the trouble comes in when you have to make that jump over to the other side of their tree, since you're not that class you may have to take useless nodes to get over to the other side.

    Look at Keystone nodes (the outter bigger nodes) they are usually role defining nodes and you can see the location of these and how you can imagine them interacting to your skills to help you build to.

    Also a lot of discussion on their forums of people posting their builds and discussing them.

    Have to go now, work and all

    /end rabble
  15. Kenai Lord

    KenaiX - lvl 20 HC Marauder

    DEAD *Xyqyll -- lvl 20 -- HC Ranger* died @ 32 on Vaal .. two shotted
  16. Argonic Lord

  17. The_Jerk and Scoobss are my HC characters.

    SC_Scoobs is my SC character.
  18. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    Xenogrand - almost 70.

    Only play softcore.
  19. Ichron New Member

    Ichron and Eyekron are mine so far, but I have a feeling there will be more with the races and stuff.
  20. Massium Lord

    RIP Massium / lvl 65

    Currently plaing xMassiumx on HC.

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