Path of Exile Character Names

Discussion in 'Path of Exile' started by Valus, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Wuylith Member


    I am the best witch that there ever like RIP in like 2 days
  2. SC characters: Majarra, Lapiste.

    Dunno if I'll invest much time in HC since other friends that play the game don't do that mode, but it does sound interesting and was quite challenging when I tried it.
  3. Soth Administrator

    HC Char: Syeethe
  4. Hectic Lord

    SC since i died: Hecticx
  5. Yearn Lord

    Probing, 27 Duelist. May roll HC.
  6. Ozzone Lord

    Ok, bit the bullet and have been playing PoE.

    Got a 58 Templar called ScruffyToga. Several tries with different classes in HC but couldn't make it past 25. Got to 41 with the Templar then got wiped. Giving up on HC because I want to see how far I can take this char. Up to 58 so far and liking it.
  7. Torric Lord

    I started this week in HC.. I'm having loads of fun. This game reminds me of Eve Online a bit. Anything is possible with any character class, truly.

    I'm playing under _Torric
    I think my account is ReedAbook

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