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    I've been advising a lot of people playing PoE to use Nugiyen's build. I personally believe it is the best build out there. But Nugi doesn't break his build down into specifics that would be helpful to newbies, so I'm going to break it down so you know what you should have and at what level.

    We are focusing on survivability first and foremost. For hardcore it is pretty obvi why. You are going to be mana starved and feeling weak until you get blood magic.

    Once you get blood magic you don't worry about mana anymore, and as a treat you get to take a little bit of DPS before moving on to another 20 levels of pure survivabilty.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    #1 skillgrimage to GolemsBlood:

    #2 now go get Iron Reflexes:

    #3 Skillgrimage to TrollsBlood: (note that I took a second Savant node - if you have enough int gear you can skip this node until later when you do need it)

    #4 With both trolls and golems blood you can now activate blood magic - your suffering is nearly over and mana is no longer a problem.

    #5 now go get the rest of that yummy Marauder survivabilty:

    #6 As a nice treat it is time to go grab Iron Grip. This should add 40% more DPS to your lightning arrow

    #7 Time to grab elemental adaptation, it is great:

    #8 final build - I will add more steps as I continue to reverse engineer the best order to take the remaining nodes:
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    Iron grip is bad for non physical rangers, since you would use tri elemental bows that have low physical damage it adds like maybe 5% damage if that, unless you are building a physical ranger, hard to tell, based on your skills i assume it's an elemental build.

    Scrap all those points going up to iron grip, and pick up 15% ias, at the bottom near diamond skin, it'll have a flat 15% improvement.

    Actually I'd argue the whole build is bad because you started ranger, you get more survivability from duelist, and have higher dps. Rangers ironically make the worst rangers, by going duelist over ranger you pick up these:
    26ias 26% increase
    44 projectile damage 22%dps increase
    1 frenzy charge

    all for 15 points
    for 2 extra points you pick up the defensive and no armor penalty nodes near duelist for more evasion than the 3 nodes you picked up at ranger. And have more incrased attack speed, thus more life on hit, thus more survivability. I see no advantage to going ranger over duelist.

    your build has
    39 projectile damage
    9 ias

    for 17 points

    Measuring from starting point to the very bottom line of the tree everyone beelines for.

    Just an opinion, but new duelist tree is amazing for rangers.
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Just saying, Soths bulid is mimicking Nugi's (popular streamer) which is currently demolishing end game content on hardcore.

    Physical damage only increases his elemental damage of lighting arrow.

    Also note that the conclusions drawn are using the current numbers which many consider to be an extreme buff to duelists, possibly overboard.

    oh and he has 21 ias as well as 48% evasion to your 40%...

    Just fact checking :)

    I do agree he needs the 15% ias with the recent changes though. Previously this node would have required 4 points. Now it only requires 2.

    Edit: To be fair, I do agree that duelist currently makes the build better, but I just wanted to even out the one sided approach of your post :)
  5. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    Not sure how ranger is more evasion:

    Here's the original build 20 points, try to add 5 points to it and see if it'll come anywhere close to the stats from my link below:

    This is a 25 point build that is superior in every way:

    40% evasion, no savant but can easily grab it.

    My entire posts points out that the new additions in the last patch require some critical thinking to min max a build instead of a straight up copy and paste.

    Also what kinda bow is nguyen using, I could see his build working with lionseye, but lionseye builds are specific to the bow and aren't general, and seeing how it's a 30 exalt bow, i wouldn't recommend an entire build to people starting the game that is dependant on the most expensive bow in game.

    edit: googled it, sure enough he's using a lionseye
  6. Soth Administrator

    Yup, I note in the very first line of the post that it is Nugiyen's build.

    Not my style to take credit for someone else's build. I have not changed a single node, simply provided steps for at which level you should optimally take which skills.

    It is certainly up for debate if there are better levels to take diff skills. And there may be room to improve the build, though the build is very very solid as is.
  7. Wuylith Member

    it hasn't been noted but..... Soth plays like a Grandma. So, if you like playing like that go Ranger. [ALT+TAB] = in town
  8. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

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